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We’re celebrating our true values and going back to our roots, in India, with the friendly Indian Elephant as they never forget! We have a story to tell and a mission to accomplish – to show that superb design, great ethics and passionate people can help to change the world! Being an ethical brand isn’t just about good intentions; we work hard to make sure that people and the planet come first in everything we do.


Our friendly Indian Elephant is asking you, our lovely Frugi customers, to take some time this Spring to think about what you buy and how you can choose more consciously where you spend your hard-earned pennies this year. Think about how your clothes are made, who made them and what they’re made from!


We’d love you to choose ethical brands (like Frugi of course ) who are making a difference, whether big or small, not only for the people who help create the products but for our amazing planet too!


Think about the life cycle of the items you buy, who can you hand it down to once your child has outgrown it, or can it be re-loved in a creative craft project? We’ve seen old Frugi clothing turned into some amazing creations from bears to beautiful patchwork baby blankets! The resale value of Frugi is fantastic so you can give your Frugi item a chance to be loved again, and again.


Do the brands you buy from give you a fuzzy feeling by supporting charities or organisations that give back to the communities who make the products?


We wanted to show some love to the amazing teams behind all our Frugi products and show you just how much thought goes into every single garment!

Join our Indian Elephant and take a peek behind the seams…


From fluffy cotton plant bolls all the way to your favourite Frugi styles! Have you ever wondered how our super-soft organic cotton clothing is made?


We pride ourselves in only using the softest organic cotton from farmers we know and trust to create all our lovely products. Here’s how we create Frugi magic…


Check out our Happy Hands Making Happy Clothes video series over at Planet Frugi!




Since the very beginning, we’ve always believed passionately about caring for people and the planet!


We want to be completely ethical, honest and transparent in everything we do. Ensuring our suppliers are operating at a high ethical standard and creating the right environment for the people who work for Frugi is very important to us.


We take pride in the relationships we develop with the companies and people who supply our goods and services, and we aim to build long-standing partnerships with our suppliers by working fairly and honestly. Ensuring that our suppliers not only obey the law, but also respect the wellbeing of their employees, communities and the environment.


By regularly visiting our suppliers, we’re able to make sure everyone is happy, that everything is ship shape and they are working to the Frugi Code of Conduct…




“In India we believe a lot in vibrations and karma. So when a product is made with happy hands, the happiness sticks to the garment and that happiness goes to the baby who wears those garments.”



We choose organic cotton as we know it’s extremely beneficial to both the people and the planet when compared to conventional cotton.


Cotton can be a thirsty crop and growing it can have a huge impact on the local environment as well as having damaging effects on the health of those who farm it. Choosing organic is not only better for the environment, but much better to the farmers’ health too!


We’re proud to be certified by both the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) and Soil Association, who audit all our suppliers and factories to ensure the products we’re producing meet the highest standards. You can read more about our certifications here.

All of our outerwear is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester! Using this technology we have developed everything from puddle suits to packaway jackets which are all waterproof with fully taped seams and clever little features like reflective piping and sleeve cuffs all in a range of fab Frugi prints!

We'll do whatever we can to help reduce the environmental impact we and our customers have on the environment. This means we only work with dynamic and interactive suppliers who can manufacture inventive new materials and clever fabrics.


We've recycled over 500,00 plastic bottles just this year - AMAZING!



We’ve been spreading a little Frugi magic!


Since Frugi was born over 17 years ago, we have always donated 1% of our turnover to charity each year (whether we make a profit or not). Originally we began by supporting environmental causes that are close to our hearts, and more recently helping children's charities chosen by you, our fabulous customers!

Find out more here.


Every little thing you buy from Frugi really does help to make a BIG difference…


Watch the video below to learn how to create your own Origami Elephant!

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