Have a crafty Christmas!


Christmas is the best time to whip out the art box and get a little creative! Whether you’re making gifts for friends and family, or crafting together some lovely decorations for you home – there are so many amazing Christmas crafts that all the family can get involved with!


We’ve teamed up with a couple of our favourite crafters to bring you some festive ideas that you can do at home with the kids!


We chatted to Molly, founder of Create_Make_Play, about how she gets her little ones involved in crafting from an early age and she tells us how to make her favourite nature-inspired Christmas craft!


Please tell us a little about you and your family…

Hi I’m Molly, I am 32 and a Mum to Luca, who is 3 years old and Arlo, who is 20 months old. Before I became a mum, I was a Primary Teacher for over five years, specialising in Early Years. My boys are both very active and love to be on the go all day. Since becoming a stay-at-home mum I have utilised my extensive knowledge and experience to create and make age appropriate play activities for my children to enjoy, flourish and learn from.



Do you have any crafty Christmas traditions?

Every year we buy lots of Christmas crafty resources as well as going on winter walks to collect lots of natural treasures. All of which we use to create lots of fun Christmas crafts, such as Christmas cards and Christmas tree decorations.


What is your favourite Christmas craft?

So my favourite Christmas craft, which we have done this year, is nature-inspired Christmas tree decorations. We took the boys on a walk to collect sticks and conkers a while back and we have kept these to use for lots of different activities. Today we created Christmas trees using the conkers and sticks.

Nature-Inspired Christmas Tree Decorations!

What you’ll need:

? Glue or double sided sticky tape
? Sticks
? Conkers
? Lolly sticks
? Pine cones or stars cut out of cardboard
? String


How to make:

Cut or snap the sticks into a variety of sizes.


Put some glue all over the lolly stick.


Glue the sticks onto the lolly stick according to size, so longest at the bottom and shortest at the top. Leave space at the bottom for the trunk of the tree and at the top for the star.


Stick a small pine cone or cardboard star at the top of the tree. Then add a bit of double sided tape on the back of the lolly stick to attach the string to hang the tree decoration.

Why not give it a go yourself and show us your results by uploading your photos to Frugi Fun and earning points for your Nature-Inspired Christmas Decorations!


Gabby Young the lovely face of Gabberdashery, is a London-based sewing addict! A singer/songwriter for over 10 years, recently she discovered a love for making things too. Sewing is a huge part of her life and wardrobe, as is knitting and other crafts, which she now shares with her lovely daughter!


Gabby has been busy making her own wrapping paper using Potato Printing! It’s a fun, festive activity for all ages and gives that personal touch to all the gifts you give this Christmas.


Why not give it a go yourself and show us your results by uploading your photos to Frugi Fun and earning points for your Homemade Wrapping Paper!



What you’ll need:

? Potatoes (a great excuse to use those old greenish ones at the back of the cupboard!)

? A sharp knife (for the adults only)

? Paint (any type will do – we used watercolours)

? Paint brushes

? Brown paper (or any equivalent plain recyclable wrapping paper)

? Cookie cutters or templates (optional)

Also water for paint if needed and kitchen towel for dabbing.


How to make:


Cut the potato in half and dab off excess moisture on to kitchen towel then using a cookie cutter press into the middle of one half until you have cut at least 1cm depth then use your knife to cut the shape out.


(PS, If you don’t have cookie cutters you can either use a template or draw onto the potato with pen and cut around it or even just cut in shapes – even just a few lines dug out will look effective as a print – that’s how I did the leaves!)



Apply the paint to the shape on the potato – we did this with a paint brush but you can coat it anyway you want.



Choose where you want it to print and push it down and lift – Voila! It really is that simple!

Like us, you might want to start with some scrap paper, especially if you have a toddler with a paintbrush nearby!!


I love the messy ones I did with my daughter but this is also a craft for adults and I loved it so much I carried on through her nap by myself!

We hope you enjoy giving these Christmas-y crafts a go, don’t forget to share your crafting ideas with us on social!