We’ve been spreading a little Frugi magic…


Since Frugi was born over 16 years ago, we have always donated 1% of our turnover to charity each year (whether we make a profit or not). Originally supporting environmental causes that are close to our hearts, and more recently helping children's charities chosen by you, our fabulous customers.

We are so proud to say that to date we have donated over £720,000 to charities who care for people and the planet just like we do.

Every little thing you buy from Frugi really does help to make a BIG difference. Find out more 

This Giving Tuesday we are sharing a little Christmas Frugi magic with some very special little ones!

We’ve donated lots of little baby outfits for the babies who are staying on the Neonatal ward at The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro this Christmas.

The little gifts will be something for the parents to take home with them when they leave the ward for the babies to grow into.


"Once again the fantastic Frugi  have made a generous Christmas donation to our neonatal ward. Lots of Frugi boxes, full of their delightful baby clothes, will be hung from incubators by the magic of Father Christmas to help tiny babies who've decided to delight everyone with their presence unexpectedly early.

Thank you Frugi, this is so generous and kind, and enormously appreciated!"  Ward Matron RCHT

The Frugi charity committee have chosen two more charities to help through our Happy Childhood Fund.

Our first charity project is with WILD.

WILD young parents in Redruth, Cornwall has been working with young parents since 1992, we want our families to achieve a happy, healthy and safe lifestyle. Some of our families are the most vulnerable in the county with some living in extreme poverty, high levels of child protection, mental health and domestic violence. We have seen an increase in referrals since lockdown and we strive to reach every single family that needs support.


Frugi will be helping to fund WILD’s  'In this Together' project during lockdown no 2 and during the cold winter months.


Many of the families live in extreme poverty. Some have to prioritise their children eating over themselves or choose between buying warm clothes or topping up electric/gas payments.


Although foodbanks are open, some of our young parents live rurally or are unable to access them due to anxiety barriers. We would like to be able to arrange delivery of essential food items to see them through this difficult time.



Our second donation will be going to TLG

Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) is a national children’s charity and since 1999 we have helped 10,000 UK children, facing some of the toughest starts in life – by offering them hope and a future.


From school exclusion, to poverty and holiday hunger, there are children across the UK facing some of the toughest starts in life. Our three successful programmes enable our staff and army of volunteers to reach some of the most vulnerable children across the country. They are children who have often experienced family breakdown, bullying, neglect, poverty and other debilitating circumstances.


TLG has an ‘open for all’ ethos.  We believe that race, background, religion or belief should be no barrier to the specialist support which we offer.  We support all struggling children, in all communities, and believe that each centre we open should be a sustainable resource for each community


Frugi are helping TLG by supporting their ‘Boxes of Hope’ Project.


They’ll be opening 25 new centres to supply emergency care packs to children at risk of holiday hunger in 25 new communities across the UK.


“We have adapted our normal Make Lunch model during COVID-19. The traditional model works with 120 community partners to supply a hot, nutritious meal and fun activities for children at risk of holiday hunger.  Last year they supplied over 18,000 meals to the neediest children.

The TLG team acted decisively to ensure we could continue to support these children and families during COVID-19. We are incredibly conscious that these children were already on the poverty line and facing food insecurity before the pandemic hit.”


‘A huge thank you to Frugi for supporting struggling children through the national children’s charity Transforming Lives for Good (TLG). With Frugi’s help, NEW communities of children across the UK will receive emergency care packages through TLG’s  ‘Winter Boxes of Hope’ campaign. These packs bring both food and emotional wellbeing resources to the most disadvantaged children.  Thank you Frugi for enabling TLG to bring both full tummies and smiles back to children at this very difficult time. ‘- Steph. TLG