Thanks to you!

How our Happy Childhood Fund is helping little ones all over the UK!

Since Frugi was born, we have always donated 1% of our turnover to charity each year through our Little Clothes BIG Change charity project (whether we make a profit or not!). We are so proud to say that to date we have donated over £850,000 to charities who care for people and the planet just like we do!


Originally supporting environmental causes that are close to our hearts, more recently we have been on a mission to improve the lives of children living in poverty in the UK. With the help from you, our wonderful Frugi customers, we've chosen grass roots charities in UK communities that are supporting children and families who need it most, focussing on our three pillars: Hunger, Shelter and Nature.


Every little thing you buy from Frugi really does help to make a BIG difference. Find out more here!

This March we’re focusing on NATURE charity projects! We’re super excited to say we’ve selected the next charity who will benefit from Frugi’s Happy Childhood Fund!
"Wild Things is an environmental education charity operating across the north of Scotland. Our aim is to create mutually beneficial relationships between communities and the natural world. Our unique range of outdoor learning programmes, volunteering schemes and accredited training courses enables participants of all ages to gain new skills, qualifications and community connections whilst protecting vulnerable natural habitats.

Our six week Little Saplings health and wellbeing programmes for children are designed to embed the mutual benefits of conservation, mental health and physical activity. Each class will attend once per week, learning about local natural heritage with emphasis on how looking after our environment helps us to look after ourselves.



Participants choose a personal ‘sit spot’ that encourages observation of nature, sensory awareness, mindfulness and the fostering of a personal connection to the landscape. Weekly conservation activities include litter picks, biological recording or habitat restoration. Our students also complete a John Muir Discovery Award as part of this programme."


Where are they now?

We've caught up with TLG & Wild Young Parents, a couple of our chosen charities from last year to see how our funding has helped their projects!

"A big thank you to Frugi for supporting TLG in the ‘Boxes of Hope’ campaign with your donation of £5,000 from Frugi’s Happy Childhood Fund.


The response by our community partners has been amazing and we wanted to thank you for being part of our national impact!


Overall in 2020, an incredible 774,764 equivalent meals were provided through TLG’s ‘Boxes of Hope’ dispensed through 232 community centres across the UK. This is an additional 37 new locations since the application we made to you – and Frugi helped to fund 15 of them!


You funded TLG to source and sign-up these new partners, and then to provide the process, training, safeguarding and resources for these new locations.

As a result, your funding has contributed to TLG's ‘Boxes of Hope’ feeding 25,901 people in 2020; some of the most disadvantaged children, at risk of food poverty and their families.


We are really overwhelmed by the response from our community partners in churches across the country, to step up and act in this time of crisis. And the children and families who have benefitted have been really touched.


As we mentioned before – the food and gifts contained in the emergency care packs were hugely appreciated – especially over Christmas, but the knowledge that the local community really cared was just as important.  The (socially distanced) doorstep conversations, concern and additional support provided, where possible, were so important in meeting the social isolation as well as the food poverty that these families are experiencing.


The creativity and care provided by the TLG 'Boxes of Hope' centres was also really wonderful and we enclose some stories here for you, which we hope will brighten your day, from ‘Christmas day in a box’ to amazing hampers and separate craft boxes for the kids!"


Here is some of the lovely feedback TLG received from the children and families who received a ‘Box of Hope’:


“Thank you so much! The children are jumping up and down saying “yay there is strawberries and yay apples and yay oranges”. Super happy children that we have fruit. I have fruit mad children lol, huge help for us thank you so much x”


"The volunteers are amazing. Each parcel keeps us going for a few more days which is a God-send. Especially when we know we’ve got another week to go without having any money." 


"Hi, I just want to say how thankful I am. Been worrying all week how I’m to feed my three boys as my Universal Credit is not due until Christmas Eve. And then there was a lovely kind lady at my door, she was like an angel. I’m crying writing this amazed at the kindness you have shown my family.


Look at this amazing effort to bring joy to disadvantaged families over Christmas – such generous and unconditional support provided by the TLG ‘Make Lunch’ club in Walsall. Imagine receiving one of these on your doorstep! The bows deserve a Christmas wrapping award. This quote was received by one of the families in response:


"Thank you, you have always listened and been there for me and all my kids issues and never passed judgement, just given advice. Also I appreciate that you have helped me and so many families with your generous parcels of food. I will forever say thank you for everything you do not just for me but for other families that need you."


Feedback from a couple of the TLG ‘Boxes of Hope’ Centres:

We had 27 of the most at-risk families from our local school, which is one of the most deprived in the county.  Many families had fallen through the furlough net and had no income.  Altogether we gave away nearly 3 tonnes of food!


We supported 24 families this Christmas and have managed to provide the ingredients for 3 meals, including Christmas dinner. What an amazing blessing it is to the families we support.


Here are some of the crafts sent with the food parcels by one of our TLG ‘Boxes of Hope’ centres.


The challenge continues for TLG into 2021 to support children who are going hungry, as the statistics show that there are a shocking 4.5 million children in the UK who live in poverty (Social Metrics Commission, 2020). There has never been a more acute time to equip and mobilise local communities to respond.


Thank you Frugi for supporting our critical work!

WILD Young Parents in Redruth, Cornwall has been working with young parents since 1992, we want our families to achieve a happy, healthy and safe lifestyle. Some of our families are the most vulnerable in the county with some living in extreme poverty, high levels of child protection, mental health and domestic violence. We have seen an increase in referrals since lockdown and we strive to reach every single family that needs support.


WILD is going very well, we are significantly busier since Covid hit us, with us seeing a 75% increase in referrals. We are doing our absolute best to support every one of them on line.

We are using Frugi's funding for staffing to offer on line support during the pandemic. We work with many vulnerable families, some with very high need; children at risk of neglect, young parents with suicidal thoughts, increase in domestic abuse and substance abuse and plummeting mental health. We are about to return to some of our ‘face to face’ groups but we need to continue with our on line offer so we can reach so many more families than if we only held the groupwork. We can also reach those families that live in rural areas and experience isolation. For some of our families WILD is their only support network. We have used puppetry with some of our on line groups to make it appealing to the children.


We are using some of your grant to supply essential food items, electric/gas top ups and data top ups to enable families to stay connected with WILD during the pandemic. For some WILD is their only means of support.

Frugi’s money has had a huge impact on the lives of our families during Covid. We have been able to offer extra 1 to 1 support for our highest need families. We have also been able to provide emergency items as detailed above. This fund has without doubt, made such a difference to the vulnerable families we are currently working with.