Help us Celebrate World Oceans Day!


“To care for the ocean is to care for life and humanity itself.”

– UN World Oceans Day


Wednesday 8th June sees us celebrating World Oceans Day, an international day to recognise and raise awareness of the importance the ocean has on our everyday lives. Each year the United Nations strive to highlight the impact our actions have and our duty to use the oceans resources sustainably, while celebrating its beauty, wealth and promise.


Source: United Nations World Oceans Day

How Can We  Help?

🌊 Avoid single use plastics like straws and carrier bags


🌊 Invest in a reusable water bottle


🌊 Take your rubbish home with you


🌊 Carry a reusable shopping bag with you


🌊 Get friends and family to join you on a litter pick at your local beach or park


🌊 Try plastic alternative for packed lunches such as beeswax wraps or stainless steel lunchboxes


🌊 Use a Guppyfriend when washing your clothes


Tiny fibres from your clothes get washed into our oceans every time you put on the washing machine. The fibres are difficult to filter out so get consumed by and harm aquatic organisms. Our Guppyfriend protects your clothing and the oceans because the textiles lose less microfibres compared to washing without the bag!



Download your World Oceans Day Pledge here!

Why not make a pledge for World Oceans Day by choosing to do one of the above instead of the less eco-friendly alternatives. Write them down and pop them on your fridge door as a reminder to hold yourself accountable.


I like beach cleans but I’ll be happy to never do them again.” – Mabon (8)


As any 8 year old would, Mabon enjoys exploring his local beaches in search of anemones, crabs and other wildlife with his mum, Laura (@wildwelshswimmer). But instead of marine animals, he was often finding plastic waste such as bottles, ropes and ghost nets that had been washed ashore; and it wasn’t just local waste, he was discovering items on his little beach in Wales that had travelled across the globe from Africa, China and America!


Unlike most 8 year olds, Mabon doesn’t spend his time on the beach building sandcastles, sadly, his time at the beach is spent cleaning up the rubbish that had been dropped in the ocean from generations before he was even born, as it is still floating out there today.


It’s estimated that 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone – this has to stop.


And it’s not just what gets washed up, but the rubbish that is left by visitors – all of which harms the habitat and health of much of our marine wildlife. Anything Mabon collects on his beach cleans is taken to recycling centres where he makes sure none of it goes back into the sea.


His dedication instilled a real sense of passion and activism in adults and children alike, and the team at Friction Collective felt it was important to document his story and spread his message of: “stop dumping plastic in the sea!” as far and wide as possible. Mabon is an inspiration – a true eco hero in our eyes!


Check out the film, ‘Mabon’, here!

We hope this young eco hero’s determination encourages you to think twice about the products you use and to make your own steps to a happier and healthier planet.



We’re always looking for new ways to innovate our designs and explore techniques to create the best sustainable products that are kind to people and the planet. We love the planet we live on and we do our best to protect it! Our outerwear collection has always been made from recycled materials, and we felt our swimwear needed an upgrade to match!


“But how does this magic happen?” we hear you ask… well ponder no longer, here is how we turn single-use plastic into something truly Frugitastic!



Say “pasta la vista” to single-use plastic tableware!

Stroodles Eco Tableware have a mission to turn everyday plastic items that end up in landfill into biodegradable, zero-waste products, starting with the humble drinking straw! Scientists have estimated that there are over 8.3 billion plastic straws polluting our oceans (National Geographic). That’s a number we can’t even imagine, and knowing that, the lovely folk at Stroodles knew they had to make a change…


Their mission is rooted in sustainability, aiming to create eco-friendly alternatives for everyday items without compromising, so forget plastic and soggy paper straws – Stroodles has the answer!


Stroodles famous edible pasta straws are 100% biodegradable, flavourless and stay strong for an hour, plus they’re good for the planet! And because they’re made from natural ingredients you can even munch on them once you’re done – how cool is that?!


Switching to sustainable has never been easier!


Not only a company, but a movement, Stroodles is determined to inspire the world to make a real change by sharing how fun and easy it is to make small sustainable changes that will help make a happier planet. Their extended range offers edible spoons made from biscuit, edible cups from wafer and wheat bran based edible plates and bowls, all of which are vegan!


We’ve partnered up with Stroodles Eco Tableware to bring you a great World Oceans Day giveaway!

The lucky winner will receive a supply of Stroodles Straws, Edible Plates and Spoons – the perfect ocean-friendly alternative to plastic straws and cutlery. PLUS £100 worth of Frugi vouchers to spend on our sustainable clothing collections!

This giveaway opens 8th June 2021 and closes midnight 22nd June 2021 is for UK residents only. Full Terms and Conditions for the giveaway can be found here.