Help shape the future of Frugi

We need your help to shape the future of Frugi!

We take environmental, social and economic sustainability very seriously at Frugi. However we also want to improve and to make sure that we are focussing on the right topics.


We are looking across our business to find out what those close to us consider to be the priorities - our customers, suppliers, teams, retailers and partners – with the aim of providing a well-rounded and well-informed view to help shape our future business.


The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and there is a prize draw at the end to win a National Trust Annual Family Membership (worth £126)!


Closing date: Sunday 4th July at 23:59 BST.

Here are the key topics we would like you to consider throughout the survey and their definitions:

Circular Economy: Design out waste, focus on process and low impact materials that keep products in use for as long as possible emphasise quality and ability to be remanufactured, repaired, reused, or recycled.


Biodiversity & Land Use: Consider and minimise negative impact of sourcing, manufacturing, and selling products on habitats and all that live or depend on the land.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Manage and reduce emissions from sourcing, manufacturing, transporting and selling products. Reduce energy use and using renewable sources.


Chemical Use: Manage and reduce use of chemicals across sourcing, manufacturing, and selling products.


Water Management & Pollution: Manage and minimise volumes used, consider water scarcity and quality of wastewater in the manufacturing and customer care of products.


Employee Health, Safety & Well-being: Protect basic human rights and ensure health, safety, and well-being of all employed to produce our products.


Inspiring & Developing Our People: Attract, engage, and retain a talented workforce by providing opportunities, training & development.


Data Security & Privacy: Protect privacy and ensure security for all individuals data.


Product Quality & Safety: Focus on product quality and safety with clear & honest customer communication across design, manufacture, and sales of our products


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Ensure our company culture embraces and embodies diversity and inclusion across our operations including product, hiring and promotion practices.


Supporting Local Communities: Consider and manage relationships and impact with the communities our company operates within, including volunteering and philanthropy.


Ethical Business & Transparency: Conduct our business fairly and transparently, comply with social, environmental, and economic regulation. Implement policies and practices to help manage risks, including those relating to regulation on bribery, anti-competitive, corruption and fair tax. Work with suppliers and partners with aligned values.


Business Model, Strategy & Innovation: Stay in tune with the market and our customers, maximise opportunity for innovation and provide industry leadership where possible.


Thank you for taking the time to help!