The Inspiration Behind Our New Collection

Join us on an incredible journey of discovery from the southern corners of Cornwall all the way to the Arctic Circle in Sweden!

Think of snow-capped mountains, huskies and Falun Red houses… and where do you find yourself? You've guessed it, SWEDEN! Our intrepid Frugi Designers wrapped up warm in their woolly jumpers and made their way across land and sea in search of inspiration for this season’s Autumn Winter ’21 collection.


This season's prints and characters have been influenced by the incredible journeys of migratory animals across the globe: from Arctic Terns and Ptarmigans to Humpback Whales and Polar Bears. And don’t forget to look up to the starry night skies for the chance to see the natural phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis!

The team took plenty of photographs, filled sketchbooks with drawings and collected postcards to capture and document their travels, recording magical memories to treasure and share. Take a look…


Did you know Stockholm is built on 14 islands and has over 50 bridges connecting them all!

After spending around 50 hours travelling on 4 sleeper trains, the Frugi Designers made it from Cornwall all the way to Abisko, Sweden! They were able to take some time to head into the countryside and explore the wonders of the Swedish Silver Birch forests. With moose, foxes, snowy owls and mountain hares all roaming free amongst the landscape, there was wildlife everywhere. You'll be able to spot Falun Red buildings, an ode to Sweden's farming life, and all the friendly creatures met along the way making an appearance in the new collection!

A stop off at Sweden's capital gave the design team a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the picturesque streets, while also experiencing the flavours of the countries cuisine... meatballs, anyone? Gamla Stan is Stockholm's old town, where you can find quaint cobbled streets and colourful 18th century buildings, some of the colours have even inspired our new palette for the season, along with the beautiful hues of the natural world!