Frugi Meets… Blogger, Designer and Vogue Editor, Candice Lake!


To celebrate the launch of our new Autumn Winter collection inspired by the incredible journeys of migratory animals, we chatted to Candice Lake (@candicelake) about her very own incredible journeys - from travelling across the globe with her career to navigating her way through motherhood.


Meet Candice Lake...

Candice Lake, photographer, model, designer and mother to Arden (7), Olympia (5) and Orson (6 months). While studying law, this London based Australian was discovered by an Italian modelling agent at the age of 20 and promptly move to Milan.


At the peak of her career she could be found shooting campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Versace with the likes of Mario Testino and Steven Meisel. Candice decided to shift her focus and pursue a career behind the lens. She returned briefly to Australia and gained a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, with her graduate show featuring in Vogue. She has evolved into one of the fashion industry’s leading influencers, regularly shooting for Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co and Louis Vuitton - both behind and in front of the lens.


Now Candice is undertaking her greatest passion project – juggling motherhood while running her own company. She lives in London near Hampstead Heath with her architect Husband, and their three children and spend most of their time outdoors climbing trees, foraging and planting.


How have you found becoming a mum to three?

It’s definitely a journey!!! My first two children were very close in age (just under 2 years apart) and that was HARD. Having two in nappies, both needing you at the same time was quite intense. I was also travelling for work all over the world and continued right up until I gave birth and then almost immediately after. My husband and I are both Australians and all of our family are back home, so we were doing all of this with no help. When I look back at these few years juggling working and parenting, I can’t quite believe that we survived it.


Orson (now 6 months old) arrived when Arden was 7 and Olympia 5, and everything is so much more relaxed this time around. Arden and Olympia are really excited to help and I’m not travelling as much (thanks to the pandemic). I am much more relaxed about everything and he is an incredibly easy baby. I followed the Ayurvedic 42 sacred days with Orson, of staying in bed together for the first 42 days after birth, and I really feel it had a big impact on our energy. We are all very obsessed with him, Motherhood is the most intense relationship I have ever imagined. With fierce and endless amounts of love, joy, challenges and accepting the selflessness of it all. The most important lessons I have learned is to see your children for exactly who they are and embrace this and to spend meaningful time together.



Do you have any tips on making eco-friendly parenting & lifestyle choices?

It is amazing how aware and engaged my children are of our environmental impact as they learn so much about it at school. Arden is a little eco hero which is wonderful, as this was never a part of the conversation when I was growing up.


We are very much a family connected to nature. We live in the woods and spend the majority of our time outside. The children and I plant our own vegetables and make compost to feed the plants. We have a worm farm that the kids help with. Our children are very much a part of this process and have a deep connection to nature. We shop locally and buy as much as we can from farmers markets. I think if you make it something children can see and connect with, they will engage with it.


My kids watch David Attenborough’s Our Planet and love it, and are acutely aware of the impact humans have on the earth. For example, we got to the beach (in Ibiza) very early this morning and saw quite a bit of rubbish left. My children just went unprompted and collected most of the rubbish “so none of it ends up in the tummy of birds.”


My motto is: Arm them with knowledge and lead by example.


The inspiration behind our Autumn Winter 2021 Collection is Incredible Journeys, especially those of migratory animals! What has been the most incredible journey you’ve been on?

With each of my children, when they turn 1, I take them on a trip somewhere for about a month, just the two of us. Arden and I flew to LA and drove all the way up through California, seeing friends. It was magical to have just that time together. Olympia and I did the same in Australia. There is nothing more bonding and special and I remember both trips like they were yesterday.


Can you tell us a little about the incredible stages of your life by completing the following sentences…


My incredible journey from Australia to the UK… was via NY, Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo and back all over again. I lived a very transient life as a model before I met my husband and finally ‘settled’ in London 12 years ago.


My incredible journey to motherhood… was planned to perfection and yet the journey has been wilder and more intense than I could have ever imagined. For a woman who plans everything within an inch of its life – motherhood is teaching me to let go.


Finally, please tell us your favourite styles from the new collection and why?

Our favourite pieces are the Callum Slim Cords and the Fleur Tiered Dress. Both are made from super soft fabrics, beautiful to look at and PERFECT for climbing trees. If they can’t climb trees in it, it doesn't pass our test! OH and Raleigh Rib Socks are really fun!


Thanks, Candice!