NEW Frugi Bloom with Jasmine Hemsley

We're excited to introduce you to our NEW Frugi Bloom Collection where you'll be able to find sustainable styles from bump to breastfeeding and beyond! This collection has been designed and crafted with maternity and nursing in mind, with the knowledge of what you need whilst keeping things simple with your 'love to wear' styles.


Move into the Autumn months with these beautiful prints styled across some of our favourites, including Wrap Dresses, Harem Trousers and Maternity Tops! Classic styles, pops of colour and a Scandi twist come together to create a timeless selection of seasonal pieces, perfect for keeping you feeling fabulous during the cooler months ahead.


We caught up with Jasmine Hemsley (@jasminehemsley) to chat about her journey to motherhood and to hear about her favourites from the new collection!


Hi! I’m Jasmine Hemsley, a chef, author and speaker passionate about wellbeing, especially Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy for health, which informs so much of the way I live and work. We are a family of six — there’s my partner Nick and myself, our 5-month old baby Mahalia and our three dogs, two which are Desi street dog rescues from India, Arj and Bims, and our little terrier Julie who rules the roost.


We’re super excited to be launching our NEW Frugi Bloom collection for the season – have you spotted any must have styles so far?

A long-time dungaree fan, I instantly gravitated towards the soft denim-look Constantine Maternity & Nursing Dungarees. Not only are dungarees really practical, but they also require minimal effort when it comes to getting dressed (vest-tops and little t-shirts for summer and chunkier knitwear and sweaters for winter underneath). I’ll be wearing them way past my breastfeeding days and I know they would have come in handy while pregnant too!


What has been your favourite item(s) to try and why? How would you style them for the following:

Going to work: Mila Maternity & Nursing Shirt Dress with cowboy boots and some layered necklaces. I love the embroidered detail and denim is so versatile for dressing up and down and works well with all colours. I could easily wear this for a day of meetings, and then straight to any evening engagements.


Running errands/school run etc: My go-to Constantine Dungarees over a slightly cropped loose tee for easy feeding access.


A day out with family and/or friends? The Jolie Maternity & Nursing Wrap Dress worn with trainers and denim jacket for a comfortable and effortless dressing.


Do the styles you’ve tried make you feel good?

Getting dressed when you’re breastfeeding definitely requires a bit of thought, especially as I don’t fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe so without reverting to joggers and a t-shirt (which is what you’ll find me in round the house) it’s nice to have comfortable, easy-to-reach-for options which still feel like I’ve made an effort to dress up, which ultimately feels like a big accomplishment. As exciting as fashion is to make you feel good, I’m also conscious about how and where my pieces were made, and the fabrics that go into making them — Frugi’s commitment to sustainability and using certified GOTS organic cotton across the autumn range is another element that goes a long way towards making me feel good.


Please complete the following sentences:

To me, being a mother is... an absolute gift, it’s love like I’ve never felt and a feeling of being reborn again as I see the world through my child’s eyes.


The best bit about being a mum is… your new BFF.


The hardest thing about being a mum is… not being able to go at life as hard and fast as I used to but there’s definitely a blessing in that.


My journey to motherhood was… a long time coming. I always knew that I wanted to be a mum — many of my close friends have had their babies “later in life” and I was one of the last. For my partner and I it has all happened at exactly the right time for us.


Something I really wish someone had told me before becoming a mother is… how much closer to my own mum I would be.


My journey through breastfeeding has been… emotional and wonderful. I’m nearly five months in but I have to say on day four I wondered if I’d even make the week!!! Breastfeeding lying down gives me a much-needed rest so I try to do it at least three times a day — I also find the baby feeds for much longer in this position. It’s a chance to breathe deeply and practise being present, which is better for both of us.


My favourite thing to do to relax is… getting an early night in a freshly made bed — otherwise a wander around my garden and at this time of year giving it a water. I used to be able to potter and get my hands dirty but now I’ve either got the baby in my arms or in a baby carrier so bending down is not the easiest!


My work/life balance is… probably more balanced than it’s ever been as dictated by the little one. I’ve learnt to become more efficient with work and emails and less distracted so that I can spend quality time on both.

Thanks, Jasmine!