Raising The Next Generation Of Eco Heroes With Eco-Schools


Over the last year, with the help of our wonderful Frugi customers, we have funded the Eco Schools Green Flag certification fees for 150 schools across England!


From Early Years Foundation (3-5 years), Primary Schools (5-11 years) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18 years), the Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects.


We’ve worked with Eco-Schools over the last year to pinpoint regions in England where there are schools in disadvantaged areas or schools that focus on SEN. Children at these schools may not have been given the opportunity to be on an Eco-Committee before and we feel that every child should be given the chance to become a eco hero!


Find out why Eco-Schools makes a difference and how your school can get involved!


If you think your children’s school would be interested in becoming an Eco-School, why not use the downloadable letter template here and encourage them to find out more.


This year we’re excited to announce that we will be funding the training for 300 teachers to become Eco-Coordinators with Eco-Schools! This means the Eco-Schools Online Training is completely FREE this academic year for the selected teachers, giving them the opportunity to advance environmental education in their schools and help to inspire the next generation of eco-heroes!


We chatted to Lee Wray-Davies, Eco-Schools Manager, about the funding we're providing:


“We initially agreed for Frugi to fund teacher training as a thank you to all our teachers for their amazing work over a challenging year. We felt that by up-skilling our teachers this would instil the confidence for them to advance environmental education within their classes. It’s also a great way for our Eco-Coordinators to meet other like-minded individuals from across the country and share their eco-ideas.”

What are the benefits of the Eco-Schools Teacher Training?

"In our experience school staff are conscientious and caring. They care for the young people they teach every day and want to provide the best possible future for them. As a result, many school employees have an interest in environmental issues - after all it is the young people they teach everyday who are set to inherit the climate crisis we all face. However, tackling environmental issues within a busy school environment can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Teachers or other staff members may have the desire to tackle environmental issues, but wonder: where do I begin? where do I find the time? what should I do? how do I involve young people? how do I engage other staff members? how can our school have an impact on huge and global issues?


Eco-Schools training provides the answer to all of these questions. The course provides practical tips and ideas for delivering manageable environmental projects that can be led by young people, engage an entire school community and have a positive impact on our planet. As the course is online and delivered over an entire academic year, it also allows the Eco-Schools team to build relationships with participants – providing reassurance and support throughout their Eco-Schools’ journey. This means that momentum is sustained and confidence grows: eco-projects become larger, engage more people and even begin to expand beyond school boundaries into pupil’s homes and communities."

-Francis Hyland, Eco-Schools Coordinator



How will the training impact little ones?

The Eco-Schools Programme provides a Seven Step framework that places young people at the heart of environmental action in their school and local community, allowing them to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate eco-projects. This approach helps young people:

  • Engage in environmentalism
  • Demonstrate that environmental action can be enjoyable, social and rewarding
  • Take responsibility with a sense of community
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to play an active role in protecting our planet now and throughout their lifetimes
  • Grow leadership skills and improve behaviour with greater motivation at school


In the 2020-2021 academic year alone…
750 schools achieved an Eco-Schools Green Flag!
That equates to around 225,000 young people taking an active role in environmental projects!

How to let your school know about the Eco-Schools programme...

Get ready for the new school year by writing to your local school and encouraging the teachers to get involved with Eco-Schools!


We've worked with the teams at Eco-Schools and Keep Britain Tidy to provide you with templates for letters which can be sent to the Headteachers of your little one's school. In these letters we have outlined the importance of the Eco-Schools Green Flag programme and their newest environmental educational programme, Learning About Forests (LEAF), plus how they can get involved!


Simply edit the letter and email to your local school to encourage teachers to take their classrooms outside with LEAF, or sign up for the Green Flag accreditation with the Eco-Schools programme!


Download your Eco-Schools letter here!

Download your LEAF letter here!


We're super proud of all 150 of the schools that have achieved their Green Flag Awards through the funding that we have provided over the last year. Congratulations to all of the Eco-Schools participants and a huge thank you to Challock Primary School (@challockprimary), Knavesmire Primary (@KPSFeed) and Milford Pre School Plus (@PreMilford) for letting us share these lovely photos of the next generations of eco heroes!