Sustainable Living with The Whole Food Diary

To celebrate the launch of our NEW Frugi x National Trust collection we caught up with Kezia from @thewholefooddiary

Get ready to camp outdoors, take a night-time nature walk and look out for some of our favourite nocturnal woodland creatures!


The new Frugi x National Trust collection has been inspired by the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities and the wildlife found at their places. The National Trust is Europe’s largest conservation charity and every product you purchase from the collection will directly contribute back to their charitable cause, helping them to look after nature, beauty and history for everyone, for ever.


Kezia and her family took a trip to the Nymans National Trust gardens to explore the wonderful grounds and enjoy some family time!



Hi Kezia! Please tell us a little about yourself, your family and lifestyle…

By the time this is published we’ll be a family of 5! I’m Kezia and along with my husband Jared and two kids Clayton and Roey we live in West Sussex with my parents, 17 chickens, and a lot of bees! Jared is a full time PhD student and I’m a blogger and author. We very much co-parent in the midst of our worlds and we’re grateful we get to. A usual weekend morning, when we’re not working, is making coffee and waffles together with local fruit if it’s in season, then gardening in the veg patch, following the kids out to feed the chickens, and maybe a hike up the local south downs. We’re also about to welcome our third child and we’re all excited!


How long have you been living a sustainable lifestyle?

It’s been a long gradual journey as it always will be - there’s no black and white with sustainability! I also used to think living eco consciously was a hobby so it’s that’s where you are… the journey has to start somewhere! But it was one day before we had Clayton and I came home and dumped our food shop on the kitchen island and realised I was looking at a sea of plastic. I knew we needed, for health, people, and planet, to change that. It felt overwhelming but we took it step by step and one thing led to another. You don’t have to do it all at once, pick one thing and do that!


What’s been your biggest struggle and/or achievement?

Convincing the kids that the charity shop is the “toy shop” and that browsing Facebook Marketplace is really exciting online shopping has to be the biggest win! But then helping them navigate the areas of life where they’re different from other kids at school or friends or family is probably the hardest - and then as parents knowing where to make it easier for them and where to forge ahead differently is probably the most challenging.


Any tips for families wanting to live more sustainably and consciously?

Don’t get overwhelmed! And let the kids in on the journey so they understand. I think starting with food is a really good area as it’s something we buy the most often and you can just choose one things



Do you see your little ones becoming eco heroes and how do they express it?

I don’t see being eco conscious as being a hero. We’ve created a mess and it’s our responsibility to solve that - I also don’t want them to grow up thinking they’re better than other people because of the choices we make. We’re not, we’re just all doing what we’re able to do, and know to do. But in terms of them caring, yes, they really care and they tell me things like “at school they put all the leftover dinners in the bin, it’s should go to compost!” So they care, but it doesn’t mean it’s not really challenging for them to be different sometimes!


What about nature and the great outdoors do you and your family love the most?

The way it brings us together and gives us perspective! It’s a great de-stresser too when we need that! We love to throw together a picnic and head up the downs rain or shine at the weekend.


Our Frugi x National Trust Collection features lots of friendly nocturnal animals, have you ever had any visiting your garden?

We’ve had a barn owl living close to us actually, we’ve put some boxes up to try and encourage more of them to make their home here!


From the National Trust’s ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾’ activities, which did your family enjoy the most?

They’re all such great activities! It’s about to be blackberry season and we’ll be foraging for berries every day! We also love foraging for nettles and wild garlic to make pesto. Climbing huge hills for wild picnics is our go to weekend activity, and the kids love to play with mud any time they get the chance!


As a family, are there other activities you do to get your little ones passionate about the natural world?

Growing and raising food is a big one for us - we want them to understand the work and process that’s behind food. Whether that’s work done by us or someone else, it’s important to know it doesn’t just appear - and putting the work in themselves makes them a lot more excited to eat and try things, and a lot more caring about waste.


What outdoor activities do the kids love doing?

Our kids would live outdoors if they could so pretty much anything! But the few days in their lives its snowed have to be favourites!


Finally, what are each of your favourite nocturnal animals and why?

When we first moved to England, Jared met some badgers on the roads and growing up in the States thought they were skunks staring him down which the kids loved hearing! He definitely prefers badgers to skunks! The kids love any time we can get out at dusk and see bats swooping down!