Clever Clothes: It’s All In The Detail


For the last 17 years we’ve been showing that superb design, great ethics and passionate people can help to change the world! We are proud to be certified both by the Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – you can read more about our certifications here.


Not only do we make super-duper soft and fun organic cotton clothing as well as our range of outerwear and accessories made from recycled plastic bottles, we design them with clever details in mind like interactive appliques, reversible outfits, easy dressing and enough room to fit over fluffy cloth nappies - making them extra special, so they’re as fun as they are comfortable and practical!


We believe it’s the little things that count…That’s why we’ve created smart designs with a little extra Frugi magic, we know you’ll love these countless clever designs!




2-in-1 styles are great for adding more options to little one’s wardrobe without the additional impact another item of clothing can have on the environment. Meaning you can keep swapping and changing outfit combinations all while keeping your favourite Frugi reversible styles in play that little bit longer!


You’ll find reversible Pull Ups, Dresses, Dungarees and even some of our Outerwear styles featuring two gorgeous prints, patterns or colours.


Our reversible clothing is perfect for those accidental and unexpected spills that require a quick outfit change, plus two outfits in one means less washing for you! Win, win!


Our Easy Dressing styles are perfect for independent little ones learning how to dress themselves in their favourite Frugi outfits! From stretchy necklines with no fastenings or poppers on our Easy On Tees, to brass-coloured guide poppers on our Lovely Babygrows, ready for parents tackling those speedy nappy changes. Our classic Bobby Applique Top is forever making mucky messes more manageable with its clever envelope neckline which opens up so it can be pulled down over the body instead of over little one's head. Trust us, its a game changer!


Get ready for bedtime in a flash with our Zip Up Babygrows – the handy zip fastening on the front keeps getting dressed simple, especially for those wriggly little ones!

We’ve added some super special touchy-feely details to keep those little hands busy with interactive fun features which can help improve their fine motor skills at the same time!


From interactive appliques featured on our Adventure Applique Tops and Coco Cord Dress, to fun pocket details perfect for all the little treasures they find on their outdoor adventures. These details can fuel hours of imaginative fun when it comes to playtime – move the crane on the Doug Applique Top or flap the duck's tail on the Effie Applique Top!


We know that children grow up so fast so we’ve made sure Frugi clothes are built to last and last! Giving you options to adjust your favourite clothing with button and strap combinations or turn up or down waistbands and cuffs to allow for that little extra growing room.


We’ve featured adjustable button-up shoulder straps on our Parsnip Dungarees, Mikko Dungaree Dress & Rae Dungaree Outfit, to ensure you can get as much wear out of your favourite Frugi outfits as possible! Our Poppet 2 in 1 Body offers the option of a clever double row of adjustable snap fastenings underneath for easy dressing and to allow space for those tiny tot growth spurts.


It’s said that if we extend the life of our existing clothes collection by just 3 months it could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by around 10% (Source: Love Your Clothes). So, once your little one has outgrown their Frugi why not consider handing it down to siblings, friends or even at your local baby group to give it another lease of life in a new home.


According to registered charity WRAP, if we extend the life of clothes by just 9 months that would save £5 billion in resources used to supply and dispose of clothing. By keeping your clothes in use, whether they’re re-purposed or re-loved, means less material waste will be heading to landfill, saving the planet and approximately £140 million worth of clothing!



Did you know, the UK disposes of around 3 billion disposable nappies each year, representing an estimated 2-3% of all household waste produced (Source:


We believe by using cloth nappies we’re helping to build a colourful future for little ones for generations to come by minimising the amount of disposable products making their way into landfill.


Struggling to find clothing to fit over cloth nappies is a thing of the past! Since the very beginning all of our baby and toddler collections have been cleverly designed to fit over cloth nappies and disposables alike, meaning there’s plenty of extra wiggle room for those fluffy bottoms! You’ll see our classic Parsnip Pants are designed with that in mind as well as featuring the waistband and cuffs which can be turned up or down depending on the length you need for your little ones growth.