Crafting with Create Make and Play

This month we’re celebrating Sustainable September and as part of our Frugi Time activities we wanted to offer you a fun craft using materials you can easily find in your recycling! We want you to try to re-love and re-purpose different items from your household recycling, giving them a new lease of life, keeping them in play that little bit longer!


Molly Howard, founder of @create_make_and_play loves getting her little ones involved by creating fun crafts and activities using old cardboard packaging, egg boxes and lots of other useful materials found in her recycling – why not join us as we create our very own Pirate Treasure Chests as part of this month’s Frugi Time!


How to make a Pirate Treasure Chest!


What will I need?

🎨 1 x Egg box each

🎨 Paintbrush

🎨 Paint (we used gold, silver and blue)

🎨 Scissors

🎨 Cardboard

🎨 Toilet roll cardboard tube

🎨 Tinfoil

🎨 Treasure/small toys


Step 1: Paint inside the egg box using gold paint (or a colour of your choice).



Step 2: Paint the outside of the egg box in the same colour.



Step 3: Once the gold paint is dry, paint a circle on the egg cartoon for the keyhole.



Step 4: Paint 2 stripes on your egg box in the same colour.











Step 5: Once the paint is dry, choose another colour paint to paint circles on the stripes to represent jewels. Silver is a great choice of colour for this.



Step 6: Paint a key shape onto the circle you created earlier for the keyhole. 



Step 7: Get a toilet paper cardboard tube and an old cardboard box, cut out a piece of cardboard. Then use gold paint and the toilet paper cardboard tube to make circles, once you have done this use a paint brush to fill the circles in to create your pirate coins. 










Step 8: Whilst the paint is drying you can create some more treasure by finding some tinfoil in the kitchen recycling, use this to wrap up a few small objects you can find. These can even be some small toys. 





Step 9: To add even more treasure in your treasure chest, look around the house to see if you can find 1 key, some money and jewellery (anything shiny – but make sure you ask permission before taking any valuable goods!)



Step 10: Cut out your coins that you painted earlier. 


Now… HAVE FUN! Find your perfect outfit, get into character and use your imagination to become a pirate who has just found a secret chest full of treasure!