Best of the Frugi Blog 2021


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We’re in the last weeks of 2021… and what a year it’s been!


Once again, we’ve had a challenging and unpredictable year that has been really tough for some, but it’s reminded us to be grateful for all the positives; the importance of family and friends, the joy of spending time in nature, community spirit and appreciation for key workers.


We’re fast-approaching the end of another calendar year, another calendar month, and like many we’re reflecting and taking check of what they’ve brought us and what we’ve learnt from them. A new year is oftentimes seen as a fresh start, a new beginning filled to the brim with possibilities and the prospect of the exciting adventures that lay ahead for us all. It’s a time where a lot of us look back and evaluate the goals we’ve achieved, the places we’ve visited, the people we’ve met, the things we’ve created… And we’re doing just that!


‘Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.’ – Anamika Mishra


Join us as we celebrate the year we’ve had – all its ups, downs and in-betweens – by taking a look back at our favourite blogs from the past 12 months…


The summer of the staycation! Lockdowns and travel restrictions stopped families jetting off to far-flung lands this summer so many opted for a slower pace of travel with a staycation right here in the UK. We’ve enjoyed exploring and appreciating the wonderful places we have to visit right on our doorstep and encourage you to give a staycation a go this coming summer!


With the new year approaching we can’t help but get excited about planning those well-deserved breaks with family and friends! Why not use our staycation guide with Cool Camping to get some inspiration and book that family adventure you’ve all been waiting for?


Is it your first time considering camping with the little ones? Give our 5 Tips for Camping with Kids blog a whiz!



Introducing Frugi Bedtime Stories! We’ve hosted amazing children’s authors who read their favourite books which are perfect for helping get your little ones ready for bedtime. So far we’ve had Smriti Halls reading her ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ book and ‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Rachel Bright.


We hope you can use our Bedtime Stories as a way to discover new children’s authors and books that inspire, educate and ignite the imagination of your little ones, ​plus we want to give busy parents the option to have a “night off” from reading bedtime stories. So snuggle up and get cosy in your Frugi PJs, before you head to the land of nod!


Find more Frugi Time activities here.


We celebrated World Oceans Day 2021 – an international day to recognise and raise awareness of the importance the ocean has on our everyday lives. We met eco heroes, 8 year old Mabon and his friend Bea, on a mission to clean their local beaches of plastic waste that is constantly being washed up and dumped on their shores.


Mabon’s dedication instilled a real sense of passion and activism in adults and children alike, this resulting in his story being documented in the form of a film that you can watch over on the blog. Mabon is an inspiration – a true eco hero in our eyes!


Mabon’s mission to clean his local beaches inspired the Frugi team to do our very own here in Cornwall. Read more about our beach clean here.



Embrace your inner bibliophile with our Seasonal Reading List blog. We all know it’s important to explore new worlds, go on adventures, connect with others, and promote curiosity and lifelong learning… and when’s best to do that than amidst a global pandemic, when we could all welcome a little mental respite from our everyday lives. One of the best ways we know how to do this is by losing ourselves in a good book!


We teamed up with our friends at Falmouth Bookseller to inspire you with carefully curated seasonal reading lists that we hope will be helpful, captivating and inspiring. Whether you love exploring imaginary worlds or perhaps you prefer learning about our own, each reading list contains a variety of genres so there’s something for everyone.



In 2021 Frugi turned 17 years old! It wouldn’t have been a true Frugi celebration without a sea of colourful rainbows… in the form of CAKE! Our friends over at The Hummingbird Bakery shared an exclusive Rainbow Cake recipe with us especially for the occasion.


This multi-coloured marvel of moist sponge layers and lightly whipped white frosting can’t be found in any of their recipe books so it’s a super special treat. Grab your aprons and mixing bowls and give the recipe a go!



We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all our lovely customers for your continued support this year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!