Christmas Crafts with Create Make & Play


And we’re excited to share another festive edition of Frugi Time with you! A collection of fun and engaging activities that will inspire creativity and thoughtfulness in little eco-heroes and parents too. Over the last few months we’ve been sharing fun weekly downloads, monthly creative crafting how-tos and videos with  @create_make_and_play, PLUS we have plans for exciting live and virtual events in the future! Sign up to our email below to keep up to date with all the Frugi Time activities.


Molly Howard, founder of @create_make_and_play loves getting her little ones involved by creating fun crafts and activities using old cardboard packaging, egg boxes and lots of other useful materials found in her recycling. Head over to our Instagram @welovefrugi for this month’s festive Frugi Time crafts with Molly!




Christmas Cards 

Nice and simple painting activity for little ones using toilet rolls and cotton wool balls to print.


What you need: 

White paint

Toilet roll tubes

Cotton wool balls



Black and orange pen


Blue A4 card


How to make: 
  1. Fold the card into half
  2. Either use one toilet roll tube and dip into white paint and print. Or cut a toilet roll tube into 3 and stick together with double sided sticky tape then dip paint and print onto the card
  3. Dip the cotton wool ball into paint and fab onto the card underneath the snowman and at the sides to create the snow
  4. Leave to dry
  5. Once dry draw the snowman’s eyes and mouth using a black pen. Then nose using an orange pen
  6. Now using some PVA glue, stick the buttons and sticks on

Pine Cone Reindeers

A cute little handmade tree decoration for you to try!


What you need:

Large pine cones

Googly eyes

Red pom-poms

Gold or brown pipe cleaners



Glue or glue dots


How to make: 
  1. First cut a piece or ribbon about 12 cm and stick the ends onto the back of the pine cone, at the top, to create the hanging loop
  2. Next cut a pipe cleaner into half
  3. Using one half, bend it in half then stick the middle bend onto the back of the pine cone at the top. Make sure the two ends are sticking out to create the antlers
  4. Cut the other half into two then twist one around the top of each antler. About 1cm from the top
  5. Now stick on the googly eyes and a red pom-pom for the nose. You could use glue dots if you are doing this with a younger child

Handprint Wreath

Why not make your own wreath this year? This makes a brilliant keepsake.


What you need:

Green card


Silver pipe cleaner or ribbon

Red poms poms



Hole puncher


How to make: 
  1. Draw around your hand (or your child’s hand if doing it with a little one that’s unable to do this)
  2. Then cut this hand out and use it as a stencil to cut out about 9 more
  3. Then you can either using a round card template to stick these onto or layer the hands over each other to create a circle. Then stick in place using glue or double sided tape
  4. Using a hole puncher make a hole in one hand at the top and thread some ribbon to create a hanging loop
  5. Next place some pom-poms around the wreath to create the berries
  6. Finally you need to create a bow with a pipe cleaner. Make two loops (bunny ears) with the pipe cleaner then twist them around each other. Make sure you leave about 3 cm on pipe cleaner on each end of the pipe cleaner to create the tails of the bow

Fan Christmas Trees

A simple yet effective Christmas craft for you to try.!


What you need:

Green A4 card


Glue or glue dots/double sided sticky tape

Star stickers

Gold or silver pipe cleaners



How to make:
  1. Firstly fold the card back and forth about an inch thick. This needs to be done along the short side of the card
  2. Then you need to pinch one end, gathering the folds together and stick using double sided tape or glue. If you are using PVA glue you need to tie an elastic band to hold in place until the glue is dry
  3. Next you can decorate the tree using pom-poms, stars and pipe cleaners


These activities compliment the following areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣:

🌈 Fine Motor Skills ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

🌈 Creating with Materials⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣



🌈 Cognitive development when comparing, predicting, planning and problem-solving.⁣⁣⁣⁣

🌈 Fine and gross motor development when painting and writing.⁣⁣⁣⁣

🌈 Language development when talking about their art work.⁣⁣⁣⁣

🌈 Social and emotional development (sharing, relaxing, concentrating, self-esteem)⁣⁣⁣⁣

🌈 Listening skills when following instructions

🌈 Developing their creativity

🌈 Concentration

🌈 Sensory development