Your Incredible Journeys


With the help of the magnificent migratory animals that have graced our Autumn Winter collection, this season we’ve taken you on an incredible journey of discovery across the globe, from the Southern corners of Cornwall all the way to the Arctic Circle in Sweden. We’ve met lots of Frugi friends in our prints and appliques, from Arctic Terns and Ptarmigans to Humpback Whales and Polar Bears!


We know the last couple of years have been really tough for a lot of people, with their challenging and unpredictable nature, and a lot of us were unable to visit friends and family or go on those much-anticipated summer holidays.


But if nothing else, these times of hardship have helped us to view even the little things as incredible journeys!


In the summer we asked you, our lovely Frugi customers, to share your incredible journeys over on Frugi Rewards. We were inundated with so many lovely stories that we’ve loved reading through, hearing about all your adventures and seeing little ones in their Frugi favourites.


As a little pick-me-up to end the year on a positive note, we thought it would be nice to share some of your submissions! As a team we wanted to reflect on the positives we’ve experienced over the past 12 months as well, so we’ve even added in a few of our own.


We hope you enjoy reading Your Incredible Journeys – see if your photos have been shared below!


Here’s to the next year of incredible journeys!



My Mum and I signed up for the Race For Life 5K and after months of (not very enjoyable) early morning runs, on the day we completed it in our best ever time of 32 minutes! Plus, we raised almost £500 for Cancer Research, which is a charity close to our hearts as both my Mum and Dad have received treatment for and recovered from Leukaemia (cancer of the blood). I’m so grateful to be able to make these memories and it’s so special that Mum and I went and can continue to go on these incredible journeys together. – Grace



This summer my son (who is 8) and I learnt to paddle board. It has been loads of fun to get in the water more while developing a new skill alongside each other. We live near Three Cliffs Bay, where there is a small river that wanders through the valley where we live – perfect for jumping over our fence and getting the paddle board straight on the river. One evening we slowly paddled down the river as the sun was setting, it was so quiet and beautiful. On the river bank we passed some rabbits and there was even a heron passing overhead. Once we reached the beach we met some friends and lit a fire where we sat around it keeping warm, sipping our hot chocolate from our thermos and toasting marshmallows – bliss! On the way back it was dark so we had to wear our head torches, there were a few bumps but it was all in the fun of it. What an incredible adventure that I was lucky enough to share with my son! – Lara