Follow Your Rainbow: NEW Spring Summer Collection


Inspired by our home county of Cornwall, the new collection is filled with clever features, fantastic prints and playful characters!


What brings you joy?

A walk in nature, an afternoon at the park, visiting grandparents, or reading your favourite books. Whatever it may be, we want to know what brings you joy!


This Spring/Summer we have taken inspiration from our enchanting home county of Cornwall and all the things that bring us joy. Our new collection was designed and created during the global pandemic when access to international travel was limited. So, instead of travelling overseas to capture inspiration we found it right here on our Cornish doorstep. Enjoying the simplicity of staying put and exploring our local surroundings more.


Our talented Design Team each took it in turns to plan a Rainbow Day. A day where you do the things that bring you the most joy; your favourite activities, in your favourite places or with your favourite people.


Each day the team journaled and sketched, taking lots of photographs and collecting souvenirs to inspire their designs for the collection. From dahlia filled fields and 4×4 excursions to sailing the high seas and taking a walk in the woods. See their Rainbow Day Postcards and sketchbooks below!


This summer we are delighting in some home-grown happiness and journaling our way along a rainbow road trip. Join us as we explore the craggy cliffs, sandy shores and rolling fields. Spreading good vibes and enjoying the simple things in life. Friendship, freedom, nature and endless summer days… There really is no place like home! 



We caught up with Rosie (@rosiejnixon), Kimberley (@lifeat.no18) and Sophie (@fashionbellee) to share a Rainbow Day with them!


Hi Rosie! Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Rosie Nixon, an author and mum of two, I’m also editor in chief of HELLO! magazine where I have worked for almost 14 years. I’ve written three novels, including The Stylist and Just Between Friends, and my new book Be Kind is all about how to bring the power of kindness into your life. I am passionate about issues affecting women and children, and am a positive thinker. I live in Surrey, where we are currently renovating our 1930s house into our dream family home, I love running, fitness, shopping for the latest fashion fad, I’m a beauty addict and partial to a dance and a G&T with my friends.



This season’s collection was inspired by our Design Team’s Rainbow Days: a day filled with all the activities, people and places that bring you joy. What would your Rainbow Day be and why?

My rainbow day is really quite simple: Being at home with my family (I’m visualizing a time when our renovations are complete!). A lit fire, board games, records playing, an element of chaos with young cousins rushing around excitedly playing together, food cooking, tea and cake, and no one having to be anywhere at a particular time.

Later on, my best girlfriends would come over – we refer to ourselves as the ‘Coven’ – for fireside chats, a glass of fizz, crisps and setting the world to rights.

I’d be in bed by 11, because I do love my sleep, and the next day we would all go out for a big, long country walk. It’s all about quality time with the people who make my heart sing.



What would Rex and Heath’s Rainbow Days be and why?

‘A ‘Yes day’, where the parents have to say Yes to everything we want to do! We would start off by taking the car for a carwash with the windows down, and then we would go home and change into our PJs, we would light a fire to feel cosy and have a film-a-thon, watching Harry Potter movies back-to-back, snuggled up on the sofa together under blankets. We would have popcorn and sweets to snack on.’



Rosie’s Rainbow Day!

You will need to meet me at: My house, by the fire.

You need to be wearing: Whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. You’ll be able to spot me, because I nearly always wear a bright colour.

You will need to bring: A smile, a sense of humour – and some Bendicks Mints would go down well too!



Rex’s Rainbow Day!

You will need to meet me at: My garden

You need to be wearing: A football kit

You will need to bring: A football for us to kick around, some sweets and chocolate for Half Time.



Heath’s Rainbow Day!

You will need to meet me at: My living room

You need to be wearing: PJs

You will need to bring: Popcorn and sweets


What brings you joy as a mum?

Watching my babies grow up into empathetic young boys gives me the greatest happiness. They are quite different characters, but they are both caring and aware of their own and other people’s emotions, and this is a life-skill that makes me feel so proud. Sometimes after a story at bedtime, we’ll snuggle up and they might tell me something they hadn’t offered earlier about their day, or raise an issue that is on their mind, and we’ll work it through together. These tender moments , the ability to talk openly, in a safe space where we can all be vulnerable, are so rewarding. As, of course, are the cuddles.



What brings you joy as a family?

Being together with no particular place to go or a rigid schedule. After a busy week at work and school, sometimes we need to ‘just be’, hanging out in the garden at home, sitting by the fire listening to music and having time to engage in some imaginative play. Going out for a spontaneous lunch or dinner together, and letting the children make the decisions on what we do, often makes a refreshing change and gives them a chance to feel independent and let their personality shine through.



Tell us about the inspiration behind your bookBe Kind?

This book was my very own Lockdown baby. During the Pandemic, I was struck by the outpouring of kindness we saw within our communities and towards one and other; I felt inspired by the conversation opening up around self-care and mental health and thought it would be really lovely to pull together all these thoughts and put them in one place, so we could continue this way of thinking for the months and years ahead. I asked a few of my famous friends, experts and people I find inspirational to write a few words on what kindness means to them, and the answers I received were incredible – it was clear to me that people feel strongly on this subject and their words were too good not to share. So it turned into quite a celebrity book, and is packed with tips and pearls of wisdom about the little things we can all do to bring more compassion into our own life, the way we interact with others and towards our planet.


My friend Jakki Jones brought the words to life with her eye-catching and highly Instagram-able illustrations, so it’s a lovely book to dip into when you need a boost, or keep on your bedside table for some daily inspiration. I really believe that kindness is our superpower – it costs nothing and you’re never too young or old to learn about how to bring some extra magic into your life by being kind. I hope the Be Kind book will be helpful to readers of all ages.


“In any given situation, we have a choice about how we will respond. The most powerful thing you can do – even to those who have not shown kindness to you – is to respond with compassion. None of us know exactly what is going on in someone else’s life, or in their mind, at any given time. If you choose to pour kindness into every interaction you have, life will be kind to you in return.” – Rosie Nixon



What’s the best advice you’ve received around being kind?

Kindness has to start with yourself and sometimes, with the way we speak to ourselves – our inner voice – we can be our own harshest critic. So self-care begins with improving the way you speak to yourself and there are a number of learnings on this, in my Be Kind book. Speak to yourself as you would a friend; and stop comparing yourself unfairly to others. It has taken me a long time to be able to do this, but my life has improved significantly since I did. I talk to my sons about this, as the inner critic can start in very early childhood. In our house, there are no mistakes or failings, we congratulate ourselves for ‘trying our best’ and ‘having a go’.


What advice would you give to others around being kind?

The simplest thing you can do to be kind, is to smile. A warm smile goes a long way. If you see someone who isn’t wearing a smile – give them one of yours.


Thanks, Rosie!


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Why not organise your own Rainbow Day with family or friends? Decide where you’ll meet, give them hints of what to wear and the things they’ll need to bring, then go and enjoy your adventure! Download your Rainbow Day Postcard below!