Bedtime Stories with Michelle Robinson

The night sky captures imaginations, whether little ones are inspired to dream of dancing amongst the stars or making it to the moon!


We have been inspired by the clear night skies of Cornwall to look up to the sky and bring all the colour and wonder back down to earth in our new Interstellar print that features on our NEW Active & Loungewear Collection.


And we’re super excited to introduce our next edition of our Frugi Time series; Bedtime Stories! We’ll be hosting a range of amazing children’s authors who will be reading their favourite books, perfect for helping get your little ones ready for bedtime. So snuggle up and get cosy in your Frugi PJs, before you head to the land of nod!


This month we’ve been joined by writer, reader and daydreamer Michelle Robinson reading her book Goodnight Spaceman. Enjoy!




Hi Michelle! Please tell us a little about yourself…

I’ve loved reading, writing and daydreaming from an early age and am very happy that I’ve been able to turn it into a career. I started out working as an advertising copywriter. I wrote ads and devised marketing campaigns for a decade, working on developing my own writing in every spare hour I could find. I stuck at it, improved and eventually found an agent to represent me.

The book deals started to come in, and before long I was just about able to switch my old day job for writing books full time, all while starting a family. Another decade has passed! I’ve just signed something like my fiftieth book deal, and recently moved from England to Nova Scotia, Canada with my family.


When did you write your first book and what encouraged you to become an author?

The first book I had published was written while I was working in advertising. I’d get to my desk a couple of hours before the office opened and work on my stories until my colleagues began to trickle in. I am very driven and motivated. I tend to set myself some pretty difficult to reach goals, and I don’t stop striving until I reach them. I’ve always been that way. I would look at books and authors I admired and t4ell myself, ‘If they can do it, why not me?’


What inspired you to write Goodnight Spaceman?

I was actually asked to come up with a story to accompany Tim Peake’s mission by my publisher. They thought that our Goodnight Tractor series, illustrated so sweetly by Nick East, was the perfect fit, and I agree. The books are designed to allow the youngest children to indulge in and engage with their favourite topics. Tim Peake was an incredible role model for even the youngest of children. I continue to be so inspired by his messages to young people, and it’s wonderful that the book continues to inspire children, too. I’m very proud of it.


My favourite things to write about are…

Anything silly and unlikely! I love to put children and wild animals together in stories — to create unreal situations that take the reader away from the every day and make them wonder.


I usually find my inspiration in…

…a nice long walk, with plenty of fresh air, trees and wildlife to spot. I’m feeling very spoiled in my new home, where I have all of this in abundance.


The best part of writing a book is…

…finishing the darned thing! I love being in control of what happens. It’s fun.


My favourite thing about books is…

…that there are so many of them. No matter what mood you’re in, what you’re into, what you fancy — there is always something to suit. Better still, they often surprise you. Books are magic.


Reading is important because…

…our lives are a series of stories. The way we communicate and relate to other people is through sharing our own stories, even the most mundane. The more we read, the better we get at relating to other people — and the greater our insight into other perspectives.


What advice would you give to aspiring young writers?

Put pen to paper. Seriously, it amazes me how many people talk about writing, but don’t actually spend time getting on with it. Myself included.

Thanks for having me, I ought to get on with some work now…!


Thank you, Michelle!


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