Frugi Bloom’s 2022 Seasonal Reading List


Welcome to a new year of Frugi Bloom‘s Seasonal Reading Lists!

We’re so pleased to carry on our partnership with the wonderful Team at Falmouth Bookseller, who will be continuing to recommend five carefully chosen books each season.


Each reading list contains books of varying genres, so whether you love exploring imaginary worlds or perhaps you prefer learning about our own, we hope you’ll find them helpful, captivating and inspiring!









Last year, we spoke to manager Eloise and the Team at Falmouth Bookseller about what you can find at Falmouth Bookseller, the Team’s favourite books and why it’s so important to support local, independent businesses.





We caught up with them to see how they’re getting on!

We’re still here!  It’s been an interesting couple of years but we’re still going strong, mostly thanks to the wonderful support we have received from our customers near and far.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community, and sharing in people’s genuine joy and appreciation at being able to properly browse in a bookshop again has been heartwarming to say the least.


In the year ahead we’re hoping to see more of a return to normality with more book events and author talks. We were able to hold a couple last summer that were great hits, and the Falmouth Book Festival will be returning this year too. 2021 was the inaugural year and it was very successful, so fingers crossed that this year it will be bigger and better!


No matter what, books are always a necessity: whether for comfort, escapism, cold hard facts or learning something new. They are also all we ever want to talk about, so please do come by and ask for recommendations or tell us about what you’ve been reading and loving! We’re constantly posting about the books we’re excited about over on Instagram, too.


A big thank you to Frugi for partnering with us for these reading lists, we love putting them together and hope that they help you find something new to read.