Half Term Activities with LEAF



The LEAF (Learning About Forests) programme encourages children to get closer to and take notice of nature and the environment around them through outdoor learning all year round, whatever the weather.


This results in children learning about the natural world and converts time traditionally spent in classrooms to outside time. Whether that be counting acorns in maths or playing music in a forest, it all increases the number of hours children spend in nature.


If like us, you don’t mind pulling your wellies on and getting your hands dirty then you’re in for a half-term treat!


This half-term we’re working with LEAF to encourage children to get outside and enjoy nature! 

We know the school holidays can sometimes fill parents with dread… “how am I going to keep them entertained?”, “what if the weather is horrible?”, “I’ve ran out of ideas!”… the list goes on. But we’re here to help! We’ve teamed up with LEAF, one of our charity partners, to create an activity sheet that we hope will inspire parents and little ones alike to get outside and explore the wonders of the natural world.


We want you and your little ones to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do! So, we’ve created a fun Frugi x LEAF download for you to enjoy during your break from school. Introducing… our No Escapade Too Big or Small Bingo Sheet! Whether your family is keen to get out in nature or not, there’s a little something for everyone here.


Play half-herm Bingo with us by completing a row or diagonal of the tasks. Maybe you want to aim to do a task a day until your sheet has been filled, or perhaps you’d prefer to print out and pop the sheet on your fridge with the intention to complete them by the end of the month, however you choose to play, we hope it keeps little one’s busy while they enjoy their half-term adventures!


Download your Bingo Sheet HERE!


During your half-term adventures, take the sheet out with you and see if you can complete the bingo grid!

Don’t forget to share your adventures with us @welovefrugi #FrugiCreates




Don’t know where to start with your bingo? Well we’ve got some handy tips to share with you to help you complete your bingo sheet!


Make friends with a tree or plant

If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further. Using our Tree-mendous Tree Tasks you can get to know the friendly giants in your area, or find out more about trees with John Deakin, the Head of Trees and Woodlands at the National Trust, in our blog.


Go on a nature Scavenger Hunt

When you’re out on your adventures, why not take one of our Scavenger Hunt activity sheets with you and search for all the hidden wonders of the natural world! Choose between the Nature Spotter Sheet and the Frugi Scavenger Hunt Sheet.


Use a reusable water bottle five times

Its important to keep hydrated when you’re out exploring the great outdoors! Don’t forget to take your Frugi Reusable Water Bottle with you. They are perfect for keeping your drinks chilled and even better that they can be used again and again, meaning no more single-use plastic bottles!


Make a bird feeder

Keep your feathered friends fed and watered with an Apple Bird FeederUse RSPBs guide to create your own, hang it in your garden and watch all the birds flock to your homemade feeder.


Recycle five items

We can all do our bit towards helping the planet, a small act like household recycling can make a huge difference if we all work together. Here are some best practices for recycling at home which we hope you find helpful!

🌎 Flatten cardboard

🌎 Wash out jars and pop their lids back on

🌎 Rinse and squash plastic bottles and pop their lids back on

🌎 Did you know you can now recycle soft plastics at most large supermarket stores

🌎 Please check your local council for more information on recycling in your area​

Spot a bird

You may be able to spot lots of different birds when you’re out on your half-term adventures, but can you identify them all? Use the Frugi Bird Checklist to help you name your feathered friends.


Make some art in nature​

Nature Mandalas are a simple, easy and beautiful activity for children of all ages, all you need is a little collection of twigs, flowers, stones or whatever is nearby that catches their eye!

Arrange the mandala shape by starting with one object in the middle and working your way out in a circle – you can make it as big or as small as you like!  Share your photos using #FrugiCreates

Learn the word “forest” in a different language​

Learning a new language can be really exciting – why not try to learn the translations below and get your friends and family to test you on them. How many can you remember?

Here are 10 translations of the word “forest”. See if you can learn five by the end of half-term!

Danish = Skov

Dutch = Woud

French = Forêt

German = Wald

Indonesian = Hutan

Italian = Foresta

Polish = Las

Spanish = Bosque

Swedish = Skog

Turkish = Orman

And any others that you can discover…


Build a bug or hedgehog hotel​

Watch this video and learn how to create a bug hotel with Lizzie from WWF UK. It’s a great way to encourage biodiversity in your local area and discover which insects you have in your own garden.

Read a book or watch a programme about trees​

Our top three book recommendations are Greta and the Giants, The Lorax and The Lumberjacks Beard, give them a read and let us know what you think! Or watch Green Planet – it’s our favourite! ​​​​

Share a picture or drawing of your favourite flower or plant​

Get your paints, pencils or crayons out and create a nature-inspired masterpiece! We’d love to see your creations so share them on your socials by tagging us @welovefrugi #LEAF and #FrugiCreates.​

Write a LEAF letter to your school​

We’ve worked with the teams at Eco-Schools and Keep Britain Tidy to provide you with templates for letters which can be sent to the Headteachers of your little one’s school. In these letters we have outlined the importance of the Eco-Schools Green Flag programme and their newest environmental educational programme, Learning About Forests (LEAF), plus how they can get involved!


Simply edit the letter and email to your local school to encourage teachers to take their classrooms outside with LEAF, or sign up for the Green Flag accreditation with the Eco-Schools programme!


Download your Eco-Schools letter here!

Download your LEAF letter here!


Now, go and explore the great outdoors!