Frugi Time Craft: Earth Day Suncatchers


Frugi Time is a collection of fun and engaging activities that will inspire creativity and thoughtfulness in little eco-heroes and their parents too!


This month we’re celebrating Earth Day with a fun Frugi Time craft with Sheila O’Reilly from @Rascals_and_Rainbows!


“In Early Years Arts and Crafts, the experience and skills developed during the artistic process is so much more important than the end product!” – Sheila O’Reilly


This is a fun craft activity to mark Earth Day on 22nd April. Younger children may need some help with cutting and sticking onto the sticky back plastic, but there are lots of opportunities to develop scissor skills and hand eye coordination with this craft.


My girls love making sun catchers and they look so pretty on the window when the sun shines!


You will need:


✂️ Black card


✂️ Sticky back plastic


✂️ 2 different sized plates (or other circular objects to trace around)


✂️ Blue and green tissue paper squares


✂️ Pencil and scissors




How to Make:

Step 1: Trace around the larger plate on the black card then trace around the smaller plate inside the large circle.



Step 2: Fold the sheet of black card in half.



Step 3: Cut along the outer circle and then the inner circle to make the ring shape.





Step 4: Trace around the larger plate on the sticky back plastic.



Step 5: Cut around the circle.



Step 6: Peel off the adhesive side and attach to the back of the card ring.



Step 7: Show your child a picture of the world/globe

(I used a picture on my tablet so I didn’t have to print one!)



Step 8: Stick blue and green tissue paper to create the land and sea.



Step 9: Et voilà!

Once it has been completely covered, attach to the window and let the sun shine through it!


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