Make a Splash in Frugi Swimwear with Catherine Capon


Here at Frugi, we love the planet our little ones play on and we aim to encourage the eco-hero in everyone. Sunny days and summertime adventures are on the way, and whether you’re heading on holiday, to the beach, your local swimming pool or the paddling pool in your back garden, you can enjoy our new season swimwear that features bright new prints and is made from sustainable materials.



We put people and the planet first, and one of the ways we do this is by turning plastic bottles into Frugitastic clothes, and that includes our swimwear. This means you could be wearing the plastic bottles that get put into your household recycling, how clever is that!?

Read on to discover how we turn single-use plastic into Frugitastic clothing!



To celebrate our new swimwear range, we caught up with naturalist and environmental activist Catherine Capon about travelling and spending time in the great outdoors with her little ones, her passion for responsible ecotourism and her family’s holiday plans for this year.


Hi Catherine, please tell us a bit about yourself.


Hi, my name is Catherine Capon and I’m hugely passionate about the natural world.  I create content that aims to excite people about wildlife, travel and adventure.  I believe that spending time with wild animals is the key to encouraging us to live more consciously on our planet. Prompted by my early fascination with the outdoors, I went on to study Zoology at Imperial College London.


Since university, I have worked in wildlife TV production at the BBC as well as sustainability communications at Saatchi & Saatchi and Life Size Media.


I am a trustee of The European Nature Trust and the Big Blue Foundation.


I live in Sandgate in Kent with my partner Max and our two children, Enzo (4) and Alba (1).



This season’s collection was inspired by our Design Team’s “Rainbow Days”: A day filled with all the activities, people and places that bring you joy – what would your Rainbow Day be and why?


My rainbow day would be in a remote and wild environment witnessing the spectacles of nature with the people I love.  I adore travelling with the kids and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have visited some phenomenal places through my work.  Madagascar is perhaps my most favourite country as it’s home to my spirit animals; the lemurs.  I hope that in the next 10 years, I’ll be able to take Enzo and Alba to see Indri in the wild.  This would be the ultimate Rainbow Day for me.


What is it about the great outdoors that you and your family love the most?


I was born and raised in London.  As a child, I remember craving being outdoors but my choices were fairly limited.  Once I started work, I think I purposely chose a career that would allow me to escape the human zoo.  I always felt most calm and happy away from big cities and surrounded by nature.  When I fell pregnant, I knew I wanted to move to the coast where the children could spend their time on the beaches; rock-pooling, paddling and playing in the sand.  It was maybe the best decision I’ve ever made.  We are now outdoors as much as possible exploring new places in Kent and beyond.  It’s really hard to pinpoint what we love the most about being outdoors as it just feels right – it’s where we are meant to be.




Could you tell us about your passion for responsible ecotourism and why it’s so important?


I believe that responsible ecotourism is the best tool we have to protect endangered species and wilderness areas.  The money that you spend travelling to see wild animals will help ensure that those animals are worth more alive than dead.  Local communities will benefit from tourists visiting and this will prevent things like illegal poaching, overfishing, deforestation and the bushmeat trade.  The important thing is to travel lightly and to ensure the local community is benefiting from your stay.



Do you have any tips or recommendations for families who want to holiday more sustainably, both in the UK and abroad?


Consider your carbon footprint

When you have children, you are fairly restricted to travelling at weekends or in school holidays.  This means that you have a limited amount of time to get to your destination.  Low-carbon transport options might not be feasible in the time available.  If you are travelling by air, consider offsetting your carbon emissions with companies like Climeworks.



Where possible, book eco-friendly accommodation.  By doing a little research, you can find out which lodges and hotels use renewable energy, local food and employ people from the community.


The right age for the right experience

As exciting as it sounds, taking very young children on a classical ‘safari’ is probably not a great idea.  Many children aren’t able to stay quiet and still for the long periods of time needed to see the big five.  Wait for the right age to have the ultimate experience.  Younger children can still have great ecotourism experiences, but you might be better served with shorter hikes and bike trips as opposed to all-day game drives.


What’s your favourite holiday destination you’ve visited as a family so far?


One of the best trips we’ve been on was visiting the Pembrokeshire Coast.  We saw puffins on Skomer Island and northern gannets and Atlantic seals on Grassholm Island.  There are some fantastic places to visit here in the UK.


Since having your little ones, how has this impacted on your travels? Do you have any advice for parents wanting to holiday with their children?


Before having children, my emphasis was always adventure over chill time.  I’d happily camp in leech-infested forests for the chance to see a white-thighed surili.  Now, I pick destinations that are comfortable and suitable for kids.  Destinations that are too hot or too cold are a no-go for us at the moment.  My daughter is also too young to travel for more than 4-hours at a time.  We’ve opted for European destinations like Alladale Wlderness Reserve in Scotland, Knepp Wildland in West Sussex, Abruzzo National Park in Italy and the Cantabrian Mountains in Spain.


We aim to encourage and inspire the eco-hero in us all. Our swimwear is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, helping to protect the planet our little ones play on. How do you encourage your little ones to be eco heroes?


We aim to encourage Enzo and Alba to be eco heroes by inspiring them to love the natural world.  We encourage their innate fascination with plants and animals.  We’ve rewilded our garden to encourage wildlife and we now have badgers and foxes visiting as well as a plethora of bees and butterflies.  We grow our own vegetables and litter pick every time we visit the beach.


Do your little ones have any favourites from our swimwear collection?


Enzo loves his Boscastle Board Shorts and Alba loves her Thea Rainbow Swimsuit.



During the summer holidays, do you have any family holidays or adventures planned?


We are going to Guernsey this Summer.  I spent my summers on the island as a child and it’s where I believe I found my love for nature.  I’d spend hours exploring the caves and rockpools and it’s an ideal destination for under 4-year olds.  We can’t wait!




Thanks, Catherine!




Our new sustainable swimwear  features new prints for sunny days



Little Sun Safe Suits


Our Little Sun Safe Suits have high necklines, 3/4 length sleeves and shorts, all to keep little elbows, knees and necks covered and protected. Don’t forget to pop on the matching Little Swim Legionnaires Hat for extra sun protection.



Seaside Swimsuit & Thea Rainbow Swimsuit


With wide shoulder straps and a sporty-style racerback design, our Seaside Swimsuit is is ideal for swimming lessons or days spent on the beach.

Our Thea Rainbow Swimsuit has a fun, retro-vibe with a super-soft lining to the front. The stretchy elastic in the leg openings and arms helps make a great fit.



Sun Safe Rash Vests & Boscastle Board Shorts


Our Sun Safe Rash Vests come in two fab designs with coordinating striped arms and backs. Pair them with our matching Harbour Swim Hats and Boscastle Board Shorts, Polkerris Board Shorts or Tidal Wave Trunks.


1.Little Swim Legionnaries Hat (Aqua Cobalt Stripe)

2.Harbour Swim Hat (Daffodil Surfs Up)

3.Harbour Swim Hat (Camper Seashells)

4.Little Swim Legionnaires Hat (Daffodil Stripe)

5.Little Swim Legionnaires Hat (What Lies Below)