Frugi Time Craft: Springtime Crafts


This month we’re getting excited for Spring and Summer with another fun Frugi Time craft with Sheila O’Reilly from @Rascals_and_Rainbows!


Frugi Time is a collection of fun and engaging activities that will inspire creativity and thoughtfulness in little eco-heroes and their parents too!


Painting activities have many benefits for young children including sensory development, colour learning, fine motor development, being able to express emotions, building self-esteem and developing creativity.


This is such a simple art activity, yet so effective! A great one for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Using forks and clothes pegs to attach cotton wool for printing is a brilliant way to develop the little muscles in your child’s hand (an important element of developing pre-writing skills).


❤️ My girls also love getting creative with finger printing… they find it very relaxing ❤️


Printing Spring pictures using forks, cotton wool and finger prints


You will need:

🖌️ Paper or Card


🖌️ A selection of forks (different sizes if possible!)


🖌️ Selection of paints and paintbrush


🖌️ Clothes pegs


🖌️ Cotton wool


🖌️ Black pen/marker



How to make:

Step 1: Dip your fork into green paint and print across the bottom of your page to create grass.



Step 2: Use your paintbrush to paint flower stems of different lengths across the page.



Step 3: Use forks to print tulip heads on each stem with different colours. We used a different fork for each colour but you could simply wash the fork after every use.



Step 4: Dip your finger into yellow paint and make a selection of yellow finger prints in the ‘sky’ and around the flowers.



Step 5: Wait until paint has dried, then use a black felt pen to draw lines and wings on the finger prints to create bees.



Step 6: For an alternative to fork printing; peg a cotton wool ball to a clothes peg and print flower heads in different colours. You could also use cotton wool to print clouds and sky.





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