Just Imagine a Greener, Happier Planet


Inspired by a world of imagination, a love for our planet and a desire to create magic, our design team took themselves away from the day-to-day and spent time together. Letting their creativity run wild, they went on many adventures and explored the great outdoors to show the world just what a colourful future could hold.


Our imaginations allow us to make new friends, explore new places, write our own stories and make the world a better place!


With all this in mind, the Frugi team have created an enchanting collection built using their imaginations to inspire and teach others to enjoy, discover, create magic and look after the world we all live in.



When we slow down and take notice of our surroundings we realise there really is magic to be found all around us. The colourful shells found on the seashore, leaves and petals that look like animals, spotting constellations in the clear night sky, the colours painted across the horizon at sunset, the music of waves crashing or leaves rustling.


Why not take a walk in nature, away from screens and technology, see what treasures you can spot and let your imagination run free!


Just Imagine…

A greener, happier planet. It has been and always will be our mission to inspire every human (little and big) to love and protect the planet we play on. And this is how we plan to do it…


We are proud to be certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by Soil Association Certification. Find out more about our sustainability mission HERE.



We want to protect the planet our children play on, so we’ve made our outerwear, backpacks, accessories and swimwear styles from recycled materials – less landfill and more rain cover! Read more HERE.



We continue to work with Eco-Schools and LEAF (Learning About Forests) to encourage schools to use nature as a classroom. Allowing children to spend more time exploring the outdoors and learning through hands-on experiences.



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