Summer Activities for Little Eco Heroes

Schools out for Summer!


We can hear the sound of children rejoicing across the country, excited for six weeks of fun in the sunshine. But we know there are times when the weather unexpectedly changes or plans fall through and you’re left scratching your head wondering what to do to keep little ones entertained. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Inspire the eco hero in your little ones with these sustainable summertime activities.


☀️ Beach clean or litter pick in your local area

☀️ Woodland walk – why not take a Nature Spotter Sheet with you or give the LEAF Tree-mendous Tasks a go?

☀️ Visit the local pool or beach to test your swimming skills

☀️ Visit an art gallery with child-friendly exhibitions and activities

☀️ Visit an educational museum near you; learn about where you live or a subject area you’re passionate about – 20 kid-friendly museums to visit in the UK!

☀️ A nature reserve and go bird watching. Find a nature reserve near you with RSPB and take your Frugi bird watching checklist

☀️ Geocache treasure hunt – if you’re really dedicated do the route beforehand, fill all the caches with stickers and make a treasure map!

☀️ Anywhere can be a day out – find a field with a tree and climb it, roll down a hill, walk around farmland with animals – it beats a trip to the zoo

☀️ Go rock pooling – what creatures can you spot with the help of our Explore a Rock pool downloadable sheet?

☀️ Go foraging – pick your own blackberries and use them to make pies, jams, smoothies… or just eat them as they come! (Late-summer/autumn is when the berries are best for picking) Use the Woodland Trust’s Bramble Guide

☀️ Visit a National Trust Natural Play Area

☀️ Visit your local library and pick out a new read for the summer. Find a library near you: UK & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

☀️ Visit your nearest meadow/woods, take a sketchbook and your favourite pencils or paints and create a piece of artwork inspired by your surroundings

☀️ Create a Treasure trail using Treasure Trails or design your own Scavenger Hunt and collect treasures along your way

☀️ Head outside to your favourite location, take a blanket and give Cloud Gazing a go

☀️ Throw on your waterproofs and have a puddle jumping competition



🌈 Learn about the wildlife in your garden with our Insect Match download

🌈 Painting stones you find on your nature walks

🌈 Build a bug hotel in your garden/allotment

🌈 Make a Recycled Bird Feeder or an Apple Bird Feeder with the RSPB

🌈 Plant fruit, veg, and herb seeds

🌈 Baking or cooking a meal with food that’s already in your fridge to use it up rather than throwing it away

🌈 Make flower crowns – use old cardboard to make crowns then responsibly pick wildflowers and leaves to stick to them

🌈 Freeze some (small) toys in ice then challenge the kids to get them out

🌈 Backyard cinema – watch a kids film that is nature themed and bring the magic outdoors!

🌈 Family Sports Day – Host your own sports day in the back garden and get all the family involved, invite some friends too! Make up your own games by using what you have around the house

🌈 Bird spotting in the garden with the Frugi Birder Checklist download

🌈 Teddy bears picnic in the garden

🌈 Garden or park assault course (egg & spoon race, balance a book on your head, long jumps, hopping races and runs – invent your own races with the equipment and toys you have at home)

🌈 Make your own Plant Terrarium using old glass jars

🌈 Make toilet roll binoculars and look for creatures outside

🌈 Collect leaves & flowers whilst out on a walk or from the garden, and do some paint stamping

🌈 Create den or fort using household objects or cardboard boxes



🎨 Nature’s crown or wishing wands

🎨 Frugi Time crafts, choose from: Egg Carton Crafts, Suncatchers, Printing Pictures, Rainbow Clouds and Paper Plate Sea Creatures

🎨 Take inspiration from your gallery trip and create your own artwork or sculpture

🎨 Build a bug hotel with the National Trust

🎨 Create a character from the things in your recycling – collect empty toilet rolls, egg cartons and see what you can make

🎨 Make your own playdough with flour and salt

🎨 Create your own Squishy Soap

🎨 Make potato stamp pictures

🎨 Use fallen leaves and petals to create pretty patterns on card by “stamping” them with a hammer

🎨 Make a fairy door

🎨 Plant some herbs from seed in paper cups to grow on your windowsill

🎨 Make your own slime

🎨 Make your own cardboard rockets

🎨 Make a glitter lamp using recycled materials (lemonade bottle, water and glitter) – a fun idea for sensory play



🍉 National Trust Peanut Butter Brownies

🍉 Baking a family recipe – Where Frugi HQ is based in Cornwall, lots of families have Cornish Pasty recipes they share for generations. Maybe you have a family recipe that has been handed

🍉 Learn to make jam (seasonal) – also nice as a gift idea

🍉 Vegan Banana Bread

🍉 Dried fruit rolls

🍉 Fruit faces – who can make the funniest face on their plate?

🍉 Bliss Balls – loads of types but mainly dates and cocoa powder etc – makes something that appears to be a treat but is super healthy

🍉 Natural Trail Mix! Choose whatever you want to pop in… Nuts, Popcorn, Dried Fruit

🍉 Homemade Lemonade or Smoothies – Choose your own mix of fruit and juices!

🍉 Rainbow fruit skewers

🍉 Fruit rockets

🍉 Frozen yoghurt sticks

🍉 Popcorn (especially if you’re hosting a movie night!)



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