Here at Frugi, co-founder Kurt can often be heard using the phrase ‘don’t make me think’ he’s referring to the customer experience at Frugi; that everything should be obvious, seamless and easy, this applies to our ordering processes, website and marketing.

When it comes to sustainability and the impact fashion has on our planet however; the opposite applies...

It’s becoming increasingly important to support ethical brands. We live in a world where throwaway fashion has become the norm, our poor wardrobes are straining under the amount of easily accessible, badly made impulse buys and piles of uncared for ‘wear it once’ clothing. And not just for your own wardrobe’s sake but for your child’s wardrobe too.

It’s safe to say that the recent factory tragedies in Bangledesh shocked us all, they highlighted just how important it is to stop and I know who made my clothes?

We totally understand that sometimes busy new mums don’t have time to even get dressed; let alone to stop and think about this kind of thing, that it’s so tempting to grab that 5 pack of babygrows for a fiver in the local supermarket, after all they only last two minutes, get covered in poop, sick and other unmentionables!

But if you did...’d realise spending that bit more on quality organic cotton makes much more sense.

The re-sale value of organic children’s clothing is high; you can expect to sell the same item for around 50% of what you paid for it.

Organic cotton clothing will last so much longer enabling you to hand it down for generations, or pass it on to a lucky friend. And not only that, by buying organic you are supporting environmental charities, increasing demand and making a big difference.