Helpful tips and tricks to keep your Frugi looking...
If you look after it well you can hand Frugi down from generation to generation and its resale value will be better too!


Please wash gently
Delicate cycles are shorter and gentler, causing a lot less friction.

Using a non-biological detergent (ideally a liquid) will help to keep your clothing bright and colourful.

Using a good quality fabric conditioner will prolong the life of your garment and help to keep it super soft.

Turning clothes inside out to wash and making sure they are removed from the machine as soon as it’s finished will help garments keep their shape. Don’t mix garments with zips with thinner delicate items in the wash as these could make holes or pulls. Also, pre-washing your Frugi hosiery inside out before wearing will increase it's longevity!
Sunlight is your friend
Sunlight works wonders on stains, the air and light act as a natural cleanser.

Fuzz balls... Bobbling (also known as pilling) isn’t a sign of a bad quality product, pilling is actually a characteristic of natural yarns and the garment just needs a little TLC to prevent them returning.

Avoid using Mr Tumble
When you tumble dry your clothes they rub together creating pilling. Whenever possible, hang your Frugi clothes out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer.

It’s also much better for the get that whirligig out! If you want to, you can remove bobbles by carefully using a razor or a de-piller.

Iron all printed clothing on the reverse side.
Stinks and stains
Beware of the banana! Did you know that banana stains clothing? If your little one is eating a banana make sure you wipe off any mess immediately as banana staining is almost impossible to remove!