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Chance for Childhood Chance for Childhood

Chance for Childhood is an award-winning charity which supports the world’s most vulnerable children, such as street children and children with disabilities. These children are forgotten by all, unable to go to school, excluded from society and living in extreme poverty.

Chance-for Childhood

Imagine being a toddler living on the streets of Accra, Ghana’s capital. Your mum is just a child herself and has to work to earn as little as 8p per day. You live in a slum, have no running water and get one meal a day if you’re lucky… Then your life changes. How? Thanks to the Kinbu nursery!

With the help of YOU, our amazing customers we'll be able to provide 170 vulnerable children under 6 years old with a safe, loving haven, away from the dangers of the streets where life is unsanitary, dangerous and short.

We’ll be helping to provide proper meals and a nurturing environment to street children who without our help would be forced to work the streets like their mothers. Thanks to quality education and nutritious meals these children have a better chance to access primary school and break the poverty cycle.  They’d also get to play, laugh and be allowed to be children and learn valuable social skills they need for life.

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How do I help?

How do I Help

Every time you go through our checkout you’ll be asked to decide which charity you’d like to vote for.

At the end of our financial year we’ll be turning those little clicks into much needed cash for the charities.

How do I Help

We’ll be giving you regular updates on the Frugi blog.

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How do I Help

With your help over the past 15 years we have donated over £580,000 to charity!

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