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Supporting the Wildlife Trust Supporting the Wildlife Trust

Over the past 13 years Frugi has donated
£160,000 to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust!

Your support helps them
to continue their amazing work looking after
our seas and coastline!

Find out below how our donations have helped make a real difference!

Dolphins - Photo By Dan Murphy

Seaquest and Bottlenose Dolphins

The Cornish Bottlenose dolphins which live around the Cornish coast currently have NO PROTECTION and have been declining in numbers!

Frugi’s donations help to fund the ‘Living Seas’ marine conservation programme, and dolphin conservation projects.

This work will help to protect Cornwall's dolphins and porpoises in three ways....

  • By collecting data on these amazing animals
  • By creating awareness of the threats they face
  • By campaigning for better protection in Cornish waters

Marine Strandings

Marines Strandings Network

Cornwall Wildlife Trust have been monitoring stranded sea creatures from Cornish beaches for more than 25 years.

They have tirelessly campaigned to change European and national regulations and are working with the fishing industry to roll out the ‘Banana Pinger’; a clever little device that sends a signal to deter dolphins and other cetaceans from getting caught up in fishing nets!

Find out more about The Cornwall Wildlife Trust on their website...

Frugi Beach Clean

The Frugi team regularly meet up with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust for fun beach art events, rockpool rambles and the odd BBQ on the beach! :)

Here we are with our fab Frugi helpers having a beach clean!

Love a Beach Clean
Love a Beach Clean

With your help over the past 15 years we have donated over £580,000 to charity!

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