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Little Life Savers is a national charity teaching children CPR skills and management of choking. We’ll be helping them to create a nation of little life savers!

Little Life Savers

At the current time in the UK basic life saving skills (choking, CPR & recovery position) are not taught as part of the National Curriculum and if you were to collapse in the street having a heart attack you have a 10% chance of a bystander delivering CPR, compared to Denmark where it’s 90% and taught in schools.

Little Life Savers teach these skills to children aged 9+ for free in schools, clubs and societies.

Within the last year and a half, the charity has created over 3,000 Little Life Savers!

We’ll be helping the charity to set up new groups throughout the UK, providing them with essential equipment and support.

Sadly child choking is very common, if all children (and adults) knew how to help with basic skills many little lives could be saved.

Find out more about Little Life Savers on their website...

How do I help?

How do I Help

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How do I Help

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How do I Help

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