To celebrate 15 fantastic years of doing things the Frugi way, we’re incredibly excited to share this brand new video with you. Join us behind the scenes in India and discover how our super soft organic cotton clothing is made and find out how you are helping to uphold strong ethical and environmental standards when you buy Frugi.

In part two of our organic cotton journey, discover how our raw organic cotton is taken from the field and processed by the ginning mills…

Part three is all about spinning (don’t panic, it’s not an exercise video)! We are all questioning more and more where our products come from, so here is the next part of our organic cotton process, SPINNING. Peek behind the scenes and learn how it happens! 

Say hello to Amit and Rajat our GOTS certified factory owners who are BIG on the importance of innovations, sustainability and a HAPPY workforce! What does your workspace look like?

We hope you enjoyed watching them and would love to hear your thoughts, so why not pop over and join us on the Frugi Family Facebook group? These are the first two episodes in our behind the scenes series, so there's still more to come!