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  1. Add Frugi Goodies

    Browse lovely Frugi goodies and create lots of dreamy wish lists by selecting the size and colour you prefer and clicking 'add to wish list' on any product page. We recommend signing in or creating an account to use your wish lists for lots of extra helpful features. If not, your wish list will be saved for the duration of your browser session.

    Start creating your wish lists by clicking on the link below...

  2. Build & personalise your wish lists

    Once you're logged in, you can create as many wish lists as you like by clicking on the create new wish list link in the left hand navigation where you can name them anything you like, for example'Lily's Birthday Wish List', 'Toby's Christening Wish List' or 'Lucy's Baby Shower Wish List' - easy peasy! You can also decide whether to make your wish lists public or private... make them public to share with your friends.

  3. Share your Frugi wish lists with friends & relatives

    We all need a helping hand when it comes to buying pressies for the little ones (and grown ups) in our lives. Share the wish lists you've created with friends and family so they get a much appreciated head start on gift ideas and inspiration. Just click the 'Share my Wish List' button and we'll send them an email so they can view and buy items off your wish lists.

  4. Buying items from wish lists

    You can buy individual items by clicking 'buy now' and when you, your friends or relatives buy off your wish list, the items purchased will disappear as they are bought to make sure you don't get two of everything (trust us... this happens!). Hey Presto, you're good to go