Here's some helpful information about all things Frugi!

If it hasn't quite hit the spot, give our super friendly customer service team a call on +44 (0)1326 572828

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have very limited resource available to answer the phones, so if possible please email your query to info@welovefrugi.com and one of our team will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Do you ship to countries outside of the UK?

Yes! We can ship orders to almost anywhere in the world. Click here for full delivery information.

How much does delivery cost?

It really depends on when you want your order by and where you’d like us to send it! Hop on over to our Delivery page to find out more.

Is the Frugi Shop in Helston open?

Due to the new Government guidelines, from Tuesday 5th January 2021 our Frugi Shop in Helston, Cornwall will be closed until further notice. Thank you.

Refer A Friend FAQs!

Do you have a refer-a-friend scheme and how does it work?

Yes we do! If you like us enough to recommend us we'll happily email your friends an offer code for 10% off to redeem on their next order and give you a thank you after they have placed their first order at welovefrugi.com.  Our rewards change over time so please go to the current refer-a-friend scheme here: https://www.welovefrugi.com/refer

Our refer-a-friend scheme enables you to share us with your friends by link, email, on Facebook, on Twitter or simply by using your name (we’ll use your e-mail address to verify your friend has the right person!).

I sent my friend to you but never got a reward

Oh no! The first thing to do in this instance is check that they placed their order with us after you referred them and that they redeemed their unique offer code for 10% off. Secondly, are you sure they’re a new customer? Our rewards are only available if they’re brand new to Frugi via welovefrugi.com.

I’ve been referred to Frugi by a friend who said I can enter their name to get a discount. Where can I do this?

On our basket page click the link just above the voucher code box that says "Been referred by a friend?"

Once you've confirmed the friend who referred you, you’ll be emailed a code for 10% off your next order. You can then enter this code in the voucher code box in the checkout.

I entered my friend’s name and it didn’t work

This could be down to a few reasons:

  • Your friend hasn’t registered for the refer-a-friend scheme
  • You’re using a different spelling or a nickname to the one they registered with
  • More than one person with that same name is in our system. If this is the case, please ask your friend for their email address and use this method to verify we have the correct person.

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether they’ve bought anything and whether I’ve got a reward?

You’ll get an email from refer-a-friend@mention-me.com (who manage our refer-a-friend scheme for us) when someone is successfully referred, has placed their first order at welovefrugi.com and it has been dispatched by our lovely Warehouse team.

How long will it take before I get my referral code

Rewards will be validated and confirmed to the referrer as best as we can within a week of the referred friend/ new customer purchase, provided the referred friend's purchase is not cancelled or changed. But we'll do our best to get them to you as fast as we can manage!

I only see a pop-up with ‘We’re sorry! There’s a delay processing your reward’

Please bear with us, we’re checking your details and will be in contact with an update via email on the progression of your referral application.

How long will a referrer be allowed to share an offer after they first enrol?

A referrer has 3 months from signing up to refer friends into the scheme and claim gifts.

After this time period, any sharing links shared by a referrer to their friends may not provide the friend the incentive that the referrer was originally promised.

What validity period will an introductory reward for a referee have?

When a brand new customer to welovefrugi.com is given a code for 10% off their next order they’re given 14 Days to use this code.

Validity period for a thank you reward for a referrer

Once a new customer has been referred to Frugi and made a purchase the referrer has 3 months to claim their free reward (10% off their next order) with their coupon code in their next order.

Is there a limit on the number of friends that I can refer?

A maximum of 10 free gift (10% off their next order) coupon codes for referrals of new customers can be claimed by each referrer.

Can I add to an existing order?

We’re sorry but it’s not possible to add to your order. Our system is fully automated which means your order has already been sent to our warehouse for processing. If your order has not yet been despatched we can cancel it and you can place a new one.

I’ve placed more than one order; can you combine them?

We’re sorry but it’s not possible to combine your orders. Our system is fully automated which means your orders have already been sent to our warehouse for processing. If your orders have not yet been despatched we can cancel them and you can place a new one.

The items I bought recently have been reduced – can you refund me?

We are unable to back date any offers outside of the times stated in the terms and conditions associated with the price reduction.

Are items in my basket reserved?

Yes, items are reserved in your basket for 30 minutes, so you can browse the site without losing your items during that time.

Do you offer free returns as standard?

Not just yet, sadly. Take a look at our Returns & Exchanges page to get all the info you need on returning items, and to download a returns form.

Can I send something as a gift to someone else?

Yes! Just choose 'add a new address' when you reach the delivery page during checkout and pop in their details. 

Which payment methods do you accept?

For UK & Ireland customers: You can choose to pay either by credit or debit card, or by PayPal. We also accept Gift Vouchers as part or full payment. Please note that we don’t accept American Express.  

For Rest of the World customers: You will be presented local payments options during the checkout. This is because we have partnered with Global-e, a third party service acting as your seller-on-record, so you can buy and ship your Frugi products to over 100 destinations worldwide! When you buy your Frugi products from Global-e, you will see that your payment method is charged by Global-e// Frugi , and the purchase is subject to Global-e’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

If you have any problems or questions about payment, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Email info@welovefrugi.com or call us on +44(0)1326 572828.

Klarna FAQs

Klarna FAQs can be found here

Where is my nearest Frugi stockist?

We have lots and lots of fabulous retailers across the globe! You can use our stockist search to find your nearest retailer, or give us a call on +44 (0)1326 572828 to find out where your closest store is.

Where can I find sizing information?

All of our lovely products have a handy 'Measurements' tab on the product page. If you’re looking for general sizing information though, hop over to our handy size guide!

What washing instructions do you recommend?

We suggest washing at 30ËšC because it's kinder to the environment. We don't recommend using bleach or other harsh chemicals and Frugi clothes prefer liquids, gels and pods over washing powders.

Some Frugi clothes can be ironed and tumble dried on a low heat, but printed designs should be ironed inside out and hung out on the washing line!

Be sure to check the care label on each garment for individual washing instructions, as they may vary from time to time.

Find out more about how to care for your Frugi threads here.

Will Frugi clothes shrink when I wash them?

A little, yes, but don’t worry! Organic cotton isn’t coated with the nasty resins that conventional cotton uses to prevent shrinking. It can shrink up to 5%, but we’ve cut the clothes to take that into account - clever clogs that we are!

What steps do Frugi take to be as ethical as possible?

Frugi was founded on a basis of being as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible, and we still work to these same values over more than a decade later!

  • First and foremost, we’re still crazy for organic cotton. All our cotton is organic, so you won’t find any nasties here! It’s super soft, kinder to skin, and so much better for those involved in the growing and manufacturing processes.
  • Our board shorts and 100% waterproof Puddle Buster range are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. It’s a durable, versatile fabric that uses up plastic bottles so they’re not left to float around in the sea or in landfills damaging the environment!
  • Our stretchy swimwear and Sun Safe garments are made using Oeko-tex fabrics. Oeko-tex is an independent global organisation who set standards, test and certify textiles to ensure they contain no nasty chemicals. Better for us to wear, and better for factory worker’s health and the environment. Fab!
  • Our GOTS certification awarded by the Soil Association means we adhere to stringent criteria in both our manufacturing and social accountability.
  • We work under our own Frugi code of conduct, visit our factories regularly, and have a Frugi team based in India to ensure the highest standards are met and our workers are looked after.
What does GOTS mean?

Global Organic Textiles Standard, or GOTS, is recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. It defines the highest level environmental and social standards, with the aim to define requirements to ensure the organic status of textiles. So, that's GOTS in a nutshell - but what else does it mean?

  • GOTS traces the cotton from start to finish with the use of transactional certificates. Unregulated, this process can be subject to false claims. With GOTS certification we can say with our hands on our hearts that our GOTS suppliers comply with GOTS organic, social and ethical standards! 
  • Under GOTS our factories are audited to check that workers are provided with a safe and clean environment, and are paid a living wage (which means either the national standard or industry benchmark, whichever is higher.)
  • GOTS prohibits the use of chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause serious illnesses and bans the use of any pollutants which can destroy eco-systems. This means happier farmers and factory workers, and a happier planet. 
  • As part of the sustainability management criteria, GOTS requires each factory to tell them how much water and energy they use to process the cotton. They also target goals and procedures to help reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Allergenic and toxic chemical residues are not allowed in GOTS certified clothing. This is a big plus, as it means our clothes are kinder to delicate skin, and less likely to trigger nasty allergies.

For more information visit global-standard.org.

Where are Frugi clothes made?

Currently we manufacture our Frugi clothes in various locations within India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China and Portugal.

Our GOTS and Organic Content Standard 100 certifications awarded to us by the Soil Association mean we adhere to stringent criteria in both our manufacturing and social accountability. Under GOTS our factories are audited to check that workers are provided with a safe and clean environment and are paid a living wage (which means either the national standard or industry benchmark, whichever is higher). 

In addition, we work under our own Frugi code of conduct, visit our factories regularly, and have a Frugi team based in India to ensure the highest standards are met and our workers are looked after.

Add a Little Love: Frugi Care & Mend Guides

We've popped together some useful video guides on how to care for your Frugi goodies from sewing on a button, to looking after your outerwear!

Sewing on a Button

Making a Patch

Sewing Up a Hole with a Character

Welly Care

Sewing Up a Hem

Sewing Up a Side Seam