We are the first childrenswear brand on the planet to proudly join and be certified by the Circular Textiles Foundation and have truly taken to heart what it means to be circular.

Our pioneering range of certified Recycle Me clothing for little ones is the first of its kind – recycling clothes back into clothes! Currently, clothing recycling is often about re-use or down-cycling, where the clothes are shredded into textiles scraps for padding, insulation and filling. Which is a great first step, but ultimately still leads to waste ending up in landfills or incineration. However, our new range has been designed specifically to be recycled back into clothes, so the raw materials are not lost, and the earth’s natural resources are saved.



Is your little one's Frugi clothing worn out and can no longer be passed on, handed down or patched up? Check it has the Recycle Me QR code, then simply click the button below to fill in our returns from.

And to show our appreciation for you joining us on our circular journey, we'll send you a small thank you too!

If you have made any repairs or customisations to our Circular items, please be sure to remove these or cut them out before sending back to us as it’s essential that we recycle them in their original state.

*Please only send back clothing that can no longer be worn, passed on, handed down or patched up. And if you have made any repairs or customisations to the items, please remove them or cut them out before sending as it’s essential that we recycle them in their original state.​

With your help, we aim to recycle

pieces from our Spring Summer 2024 Recycle Me collection in the years to come, diverting them from landfills once worn out. Thank you!




Following an in-depth series of circular design workshops with the Circular Textiles Foundation, we have embedded key circular principles within our design, development and manufacturing processes to create a pioneering range of Recycle Me clothing for our Autumn Winter 2023 season.

This certification guarantees that we have designed and created the garment to be fully recycled by a specific recycling facility. They will process the garment into new yarn, which in turn can be used to make new clothing, thereby eliminating waste, reducing the need for virgin materials and lowering CO2 emissions.

We've designed our clothes to last and last, so no matter how many times they are passed on to siblings, friends and relations before they're worn out, the final owner will always be able to scan the label and find out how they can play their part in our circular journey.



Introducing our recycled polyester collection! This collection stands out not only for itsbright and joyful designs but also for its commitment to sustainability.

In line with ourvalues, we have introduced 7 styles made from recycled polyester that can be fullyrecycled at the end of their lifecycle, ensuring a genuinely circular approach.

To bring this collection to life, we are working with Project Plan B - A UK-based brand thatspecialises in recycling old, unusable clothes into recycled polyester chips. Through this collaboration, we are taking a significant step towards reducing our environmental impact.

One of the key benefits of using recycled polyester is the carbon saving it offers.Compared to producing garments from virgin polyester and then incinerating them at the end of their life, the carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

It takes 88% LESS energy to manufacture materials madefrom recycled polyester compared to virgin polyester!?
So, by making our Frugi styles from recyclable materials that are then fully recyclable, weaim to contribute to a carbon saving of an incredible 7896.55Kg!

Saving 7896.55 kg of carbon is similar to reusing approximately 121,476 plastic bags!


*Source Data WRAP.org.uk





WHAT’s the difference between linear & circular manufacturing?

In linear manufacturing – which is used most in the fashion industry – a virgin material like cotton is made into a product such as a top. Once this top becomes worn out it ultimately ends up in landfill as it has not been designed and created with an end-of-life solution in mind.

Whereas in circular manufacturing, the cotton is still initially harvested and created into a top, but instead of being thrown away when worn out, its fabric is designed and created to live on by being recycled into new yarn and fabrics. This fabric can then be used to create new products, such as another top, that can be worn and recycled again and again in a circular life cycle.

The earth and its precious resources aren't limitless, so this way, we don't lose the materials it takes to make our clothes, and we can put them back into what we will use for years to come!​



Once your Frugi Recycle Me clothing has been loved, patched up, passed down, and worn out, it is time to return it to us by clicking the RECYCLE ME button above and filling in our returns form.

Before posting, please ensure:

  • The garment is in a clean, laundered condition.

  • Any repairs or customisations have been removed or cut out (it is important that we recycle the item in its original state).

And to show our appreciation for you joining us on our circular journey, we'll send you a small thank you for helping us to protect our planet.

  • UK & Northern Ireland – A free returns label will be provided once you have filled in the RECYCLE ME form.

  • Europe & Rest of World – Unfortunately, we cannot yet provide free returns for customers living outside the UK and you will need to pay postage to return your item to us. Please fill in the RECYCLE ME form for more information.

Once your item from our Recycle Me collection has been returned, it will be reviewed by our team, and we may repair, donate or resell it if it is still in a wearable or repairable condition. This ensures we get the most use out of the product before it is sent for recycling.

Once the item is completely worn out and ready for recycling, it will be processed and sent to our recycling partner, who will recycle the Frugi garment into new yarn which can be used to create new fabric and clothing. It is this step of taking an old Frugi item and recycling it back into a new piece of clothing that makes this journey circular!

Yes! Our Recycle Me collection is made with GOTS organic or in conversion cotton certified by the Soil Association (License Number DK22283), and you’ll be pleased to hear there is no change in the quality of the materials we use or where the product is made.

The difference between our regular organic or in conversion cotton products and our Recycle Me collection is the circular items are designed and made to be recycled once they are worn out.

Yes, there is no difference in how you need to wash these clothes compared to the rest of your Frugi wardrobe, but please do follow the care label instructions to ensure they last playtime after playtime.

No, the QR code has been printed with indelible ink, which will ensure it won’t fade and can be scanned even after it’s been worn and washed many times.

We are very proud members of The Circular Textiles Foundation, a non-profit organisation who have provided Frugi with an independent circularity standard and certification.

We work very closely with them – they have helped us overcome barriers in making our collection recyclable. As well as helping to provide a route for these clothes to get back to the recycler.

Their certification mark is the “infinitee” logo; any item of clothing which carries this logo means it can be recycled back in new yarn and fabric.

Every element of our circular designs has been checked and verified by the Circular Textiles Foundation as recyclable. There are many challenges we have had to overcome when making these Frugi items circular:

  • We learned how to design something that could easily be recycled, this included looking at the fibre composition – the more blended fibres that are used in a garment, the more difficult it is to recycle it.

  • We sourced new trims like poppers and zips. These are elements that can’t go through some recycling systems.

It is our dream at Frugi that one day, all our clothing can be recycled and made back into yarn to create new clothing. At this moment in time, we have succeeded in our goal of creating a circular collection, but this is a journey and there is still work to be done.

As recycling technology moves forward and innovation in textiles continues, we will be able to overcome some of the barriers we face in making Frugi 100% recyclable. Every season, we work towards taking down these barriers by working closely with the Circular Textile Foundation and other like-minded brands. We are all small cogs in the giant wheel of the clothing industry, and we hope that one day, we will be able to solve these issues, helping to create a world without waste and inspiring every human to love the planet we play on.

What is pioneering about our circular collection is that we’re recycling garments back into yarn that can be used to make new clothes.

Recycling old clothing through donation bins and curb-side recycling usually means the items get reused or down-cycled (where the fabric is shredded and used for padding, insulation and filling, such as the inside of mattresses). This is a good use of a waste resource but at the end of its usable life, the resource will be lost to landfill or incineration.

Our circular Recycle Me collection recaptures that resource at the end of its wearable life, turning it back into a new piece of clothing, meaning the raw material is not lost and natural resources are saved.


Frugi are proud to be part of the