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Introducing the Guppyfriend washing bag!

Did you know that every time you wash your clothes, tiny fragments of fibres from the garment get washed into our rivers, water ways and oceans? The fibres are extremely small and almost invisible. Unfortunately, sewage treatment plants cannot effectively filter out these micro fibres. Once in the environment, they are consumed by aquatic organisms, which can result in gastrointestinal infections and blockages, reproductive problems, and starvation – problems that ultimately work their way up the food chain. Scary isn’t it?

At Frugi we want to do all we can to reduce the impact of this on the environment so we’ve sourced the Guppyfriend. It’s a washing bag that protects your clothing - the textiles lose fewer micro fibres compared to washing without the bag. It reduces wear and tear so you can enjoy your clothes much longer. Over time you’ll find only a few micro fibres in the washing bag. The micro fibres that do break are caught by the mesh and do not make their way into the marine ecosystem.

And finally, the washing bag is a daily reminder to wash less and to buy better - something we can all do to make a difference!

Find out more about the Guppyfriend in our blog

Product code: ACS021


Measurements: 50cm x 74cm

Love the planet you play on.

Material: 100% Polyester

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