Gear Farm Pasties by post

Organic gear farm pasties

Kurt’s lunchtime Gear Farm Pasty order
















As many people will remember, we used to be based at Gear Farm on the Lizard down here in sunny Cornwall. As you may also remember we got through one heck of a lot of Gear Farm organic pasties during the course of our stay there. They are truly amazing and we all loved them!

Well, the great news is that they are now supplying their organic pasties by post – Pasty Parcels.

The pasties – steak, cheese or vegetable – are frozen so you can bake them off at home and take all the credit!

Got a  birthday or special occasion coming up?

Know any  starving students away from home?

Then send them a Pasty Parcel… in fact, why not send me a Pasty Parcel C/O Frugi HQ?

Just click HERE to go to their website and use the code CL01 to get a 20% discount throughout September and October.

Right, I’m starving now. Hummm…what shall I have for lunch?





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  1. Bethan Foster

    Thanks a lot! Am meant to be trying to lose some babyweight.. but my previous Cornish life is now calling me.. nom nom nom

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