This makes Eco-Schools the ideal partner for us! We both share the same goals and ambitions and we are really excited to be supporting children's education on sustainable and environmental issues, empowering kids to change our world for the better!

Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet!


Frugi have now funded 150 green flags for schools in England!

Find out about the Eco-Schools Green Flag >


This year Frugi will be finding a fantastic project called LEAF (Learning about Forests).


LEAF is all about using nature as a classroom, getting children outdoors and learning through hands-on experiences.

This results in children learning about the natural world and converts time traditionally spent in classrooms to outside time. Whether that be counting acorns in maths or playing music in a forest, it all increases the number of hours children spend in nature.

Although LEAF is in its 20th year and spans over 30 countries globally, it has never before run in England.

Schools and home schoolers that participate in the LEAF programme are able to apply for a prestigious global award each academic year to recognise their efforts.


Work on LEAF also can be included as evidence (as work on biodiversity and/or schools grounds) for the Eco-Schools Green Flag award.


To launch this exciting project we have some Tree-mendous tasks for kids to get outside and start learning about trees! You can build you own make-believe birds nest or give your favourite tree a name!


These tasks are perfect for Pre-school and primary aged children.


If you have enjoyed our tree-mendous tasks then why not tell your child’s school? They can get involved and register to work towards a LEAF award!