We love our planet and want to try our best to protect it! We are so chuffed to be able to say that all our outerwear, backpacks, lunch bags & pencil cases have been made from post-consumer recycled materials! That’s the plastic drinks bottles that you throw out in your household recycling – how clever is that?!


But how does this magic happen we hear you ask? Well, ponder no longer...


How is the fabric made?



Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene (PET), a form of polyester that can be recycled. The plastic bottles have their caps removed and are given a good scrub…



They are then shredded and processed into Frugi Flakes (not the sort you have for your breakfast). The flakes are then cleaned and transformed into chips.



The chips are melted and whizzed around in a spinneret to make strings of magic Frugi yarn.



This yarn is then woven into fantastic Frugi fabric!


 Our recycled fabric is then made into  FRUGITASTIC outerwear, backpacks, lunch bags and pencil cases!

How many plastic bottles does it take to make...