Raising the next generation of ECO HEROES to help change the world!  

We’ve teamed up with Eco-Schools who like us are passionate about engaging and empowering children to change our world for the better!

In 2020 Frugi funded 150 Green Flags for schools, which recognises, rewards, and celebrates their environmental achievements! We also created 10 Topic Challenges together to help positively engage children with these subjects – take on the challenge below!

Eco-Schools was founded in 1994 and operates in 67 countries, engaging 19.5 million young people globally! They are working hard to green the current curriculum and normalise climate action by embedding it within core subjects, read more on our blog.


To find out more about how we are working together with Eco-Schools hop over to our blog...


Why not ask your school to get involved and register to work towards becoming an Eco-School?


Fancy having a go at the ten topic challenges at home? Explore the different topics here...

Connecting learning with nature & getting little ones outside with LEAF!

In 2021 Frugi funded the first-ever LEAF programme in England, working with schools to reconnect children with nature. Although LEAF was in its 20th year and spanned across 30 countries, it had never before been run in England. With shocking statistics on how little time children are spending in nature, LEAF hopes to turn this around by converting time traditionally spent in classrooms to outside time. Read more on our blog below.

To launch this exciting programme we created some Tree-mendous tasks for kids to get outside and start learning about trees! You can build your own make-believe birds nest or give your favourite tree a name!


Why not ask your school to get involved and register to work towards a LEAF award? 


These tasks are perfect for Pre-school and primary aged children, download them here...


The LEAF platform is about using nature as a classroom. It gets children outdoors...