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Are you ready for a Frugi challenge? Let’s spread the Frugi love whilst having some fun along the way!


We’ve launched Frugi Rewards to gather lots of lovely pictures to use on our website and social media channels. Although we are super proud of all our brand photography using local children, we know it would be really helpful for our customers (based on their feedback) to see more images of Frugi out in the wild, on real life adventures! We are constantly falling in love with our customers images that are shared with us on social media, and would love to be able to share them with the wider world! Frugi Rewards is designed to help us achieve this, making sure that we are really open and honest about how the images will be used, and adding some fun into the mix with challenges and prizes!

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Frugi Rewards has plenty of challenges to keep you entertained and earning prizes! Simply sign up to get started!

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Three Levels of Frugi Rewards for you to explore!

To get you started we have designed a steppingstone level, ‘Just Started’ to help you learn the system before becoming a Frugi ‘Raindrop’!

We’ve worked with some computer wizards to create three main Frugi Rewards levels, with plenty of challenges along the way, with some great perks and rewards!

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:


Exclusive goodies you say...

Yes that’s right when you level up you’ll be given a unique code for the very special EXCLUSIVE Frugi Rewards prizes below to use with your next order!

Complete the Raindrop level and earn a...
Polly Purse
Complete the Sunbeam level and earn a...
Tilly Tote
Complete the Rainbow level and earn a...
Wendy Washbag

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